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  1. teddiliza

    Yes!!!! There are chicken sitters!!!

    Aha! I knew it! I wonder how many chicken sitters Missouri has?
  2. teddiliza

    Porcelain d'uccle eggs! 12+ shipped, just PM me.

    Okay, my porcelain ladies are loving this warm weather we are having! Anyone wanting any porcelain d'uccle eggs? I also have some mille fleur with porcelain heritage which are all turning out mille fleur if you want some of each. I can ship to any state that accepts the standard NPIP...
  3. teddiliza

    Lame speckled sussex pullet-- Missouri pick up only

    I have a speckled sussex pullet who broke her leg about 3 weeks ago and is recovering, but it's getting colder and I don't want to put her in with the rest of the flock while she's still healing as I'm afraid she's going to get her leg rebroke, and I don't really want to keep her in the garage...
  4. teddiliza

    d'uccle pairs-- Missouri- local pick up

    Am selling two pet quality pairs, one porcelain and two mille fleur. If you are in Mid Missouri and want to come see them, send me a PM. I plan on taking them to the Missouri Poultry Association show Oct 22 at the State Fairgrounds if not sold beforehand. Image is of one of the parents...
  5. teddiliza

    d'uccle eggs- 1 dozen

    I have some extra eggs-- I honestly thought my flock would slow down, but they haven't. You can click 'Buy it now', but I don't want payment sent until I check to make sure your state doesn't require special paperwork beyond the standard vs 9-3 form to ship there. My flock is NPIP tested...
  6. teddiliza

    Possum in my yard! Chainlink & subdivision not a deterrent.

    I had a big huge possum in my backyard, who must have managed to squeeze thru the chainlink gate where the soil is eroding. I'd let my bantam teenagers out to play and was at the sink getting a drink of water when I see this huge possum in the middle of my yard, staring at my juvenile d'uccles...
  7. teddiliza

    FREE d'uccle cockerels- local pickup or deliver (MO-- NPIP)

    I don't have pics currently of the ones I have, but my young boys are really starting to pick on each other, and it's crazy having 3 separate cages to keep them separate so they don't ruin each others foot feathers. Free to anyone who wants them. Some are sweet and some are nippy. I have 5...
  8. teddiliza

    9 d'uccle hatching eggs

    Despite all my broody hens, I still have a few eggs I can ship to someone who wants to try hatching some cute little porcelain d'uccles. I accept payment by paypal, but not until after I've checked on your state's shipping requirements. Most all of these with be from my porcelain only pen, but...
  9. teddiliza

    Missouri pick up only Jersey Giant Quad from Bobbi Porto stock NPIP I posted my quad of Jersey Giants on Craigslist, beautiful birds, but I am limited on space and have to make way for my sussex that are growing up, and don't want to run the risk of mixed breeds. The hens are laying nice sized brown eggs...
  10. teddiliza

    12 d'uccle eggs: porcelain & porcelain over mille fleur NPIP MO

    While I am waiting for Georgia to send me my permit to send eggs to another buyer, I am offering a dozen d'uccle eggs for $20 shipped. About 1/3 will be from my pen with a porcelain roo over mille fleur hens. I will ship on the next mailing day after paypal is received, unless your state has...
  11. teddiliza

    MO pickup only: Pair of d'uccles. Porcelain M and PQ Mille Fleur F

    These pair were purchased at the feed store and are absolutely sweet and loveable. I am really having to cut down on my chicken #'s, so since they were raised together I hate to break them up. The hen has a side sprig on her comb and would not be suitable to show, but the male looks in good...
  12. teddiliza

    d'uccle cockerels $1 each (local pick up only) npip MO

    Yep, I hatched too many boys again. Anyone need some cute bantam male chicks-- age 4wks to 6 wks and all Marek's vaccinated? Please just PM me, don't hit 'buy it now'. Can deliver to anywhere within 30 minutes of Jefferson City MO
  13. teddiliza

    12 d'uccle eggs (porcelain & porcelain/mille fleur) NPIP MO

    You know you want to try hatching these sweet little friendly bantams with feathered feet! There is not much competition at the shows for these cuties! You can read the d'uccle thread for more info on the breed. I am trying to share eggs with as many people as I can to promote the breed but...
  14. teddiliza

    Success despite broody nest confusion

    I had a broody who was doing a great job until about 4 days ago, then 2 days in a row she left her nest and went and sat on the other group of eggs which had just been laid by the other hens-- probably after she'd taken her morning break. On both days I'd come home and saw & felt the cold...
  15. teddiliza

    12 d'uccle eggs NPIP (please read body re: state requirements)

    I plan to populate the chicken world with d'uccles! 12 d'uccle eggs out of porcelain roosters and porcelain and mille fleur hens (only 2 mille hens) shipped priority mail. Roosters are from Ugly Duckly's stock, and hens are from hatchery. I have been calling every state department and...
  16. teddiliza

    12 d'uccle eggs MO NPIP (Please read body before bidding) 24 hour

    12 d'uccle eggs out of porcelain roosters and porcelain & mille fleur hens. Per the list that I have from my NPIP representative, the following states can bid, as they don't require a special permit beyond just the vs-9-3 form: Alabama, California, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky...
  17. teddiliza

    18 d'uccle eggs 24 hr auction, NPIP- please read body.

    Don't bid if your state requires a special permit to ship there, please. I was collecting these for test eggs, then discovered the State I was going to ship to has to have a special import permit, beyond the standard NPIP vs 9-3 form. So, since my incubator is full and I hate to just make...
  18. teddiliza

    Just put in an online order for Estes Hatchery for today's ship date

    Ha Ha, they were NOT out of Favorelles or Speckled Sussex yet! Here I am at 0100 placing an order for today's ship date, as I have this week off and it would be perfect to spend with new chickies! I'm anxious to see if it actually gets filled, I left them my cell phone # on the online ordering...
  19. teddiliza

    Blue Jersey Giant roo <1 y.o. Bobbi Porto stock (local pu MO) npip

    My Jersey Giant boys are starting to peck each other's neck feathers and are going to look like Naked Necks if I don't find this guy a new home. I can also sell a black Jersey Giant hen with him from the same hatch, to sweeten the deal ($25 for the pair) I can deliver if you are within a 30...
  20. teddiliza

    MO 10+ d'uccle eggs NPIP mostly porcelain

    Yep, another 24 hour deal. This time I'm auctioning. Auction ends monday night. Paypal payments only, please to [email protected] needed by tuesday evening if you want them to ship wednesday, otherwise the next highest bidder will be offered a chance. I currently have 11 eggs collected...
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