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  1. One Lucky Momma

    Has anybody tried the Mice bucket trap?

    I made two from used 5 gal food buckets and baited the cans with peanut butter. First few nights they were disassembled by something a good bit larger than a mouse. Once we live-trapped a couple of groundhogs and a possum family, the bucket traps do a brisk business, the proceeds from which I...
  2. One Lucky Momma

    Disheartened first time chicken owner

    In a very short time you’ve endured more challenges than some flocks will in years. What a learning curve. Somewhere there’s a Certificate of Accomplishment with you name on it in fancy writing. I hope this is the start of an extended breathing spell you can use to think back and feel...
  3. One Lucky Momma

    Need Chicken Love Advice

    This is hilarious. But seriously, all parties involved will have better tempers if the rooster is spreading the love around a bit.
  4. One Lucky Momma

    Meloxicam for bumblefoot surgery?

    Congratulations. Posts like this give me courage. I appreciate everyone taking the time and trouble to share the details. 🙏
  5. One Lucky Momma

    Lets talk automatic doors for the chicken coop!!

    Ador1 has done a great job for us. Ours is a year and a half old and has operated smoothly from day one. Runs on a 9v battery which we just now replaced (easy) more out of caution than for any other reason. Opens and closes in response to the sun, and the sensitivity is significantly...
  6. One Lucky Momma

    Nest box size for Austrolorp?

    Our 12x14x14 nest boxes were built for a mixed flock of RIR, Rocks, Sussex and Crevecoeur. Recently we adopted a Austrolorp/Araucana (I believe) mix who has just yesterday laid her first egg. For the blessed event she chose the middle of the coop floor, within sight of but not in one of the...
  7. One Lucky Momma

    Yard surveillance - Audio instead of video?

    I have been amazed at the ”audio alarm system” my little flock has in place. I can’t see much of their roaming territory from the house, but in warm weather I can hear everything they seem to want me to hear. Aegis, the rooster, seems to be leading the chorus but everyone chimes in, in a tone...
  8. One Lucky Momma

    Official BYC Poll: What Do You Do To Make Your Chicks/Pullets Roost?

    I made a couple of these for their brooder and they were on them within the day. Everyone adjusted to roosting in the Big House when the time came, except for Littlejohn, our mystery chick who turned out to be a Cochin rooster. Over time I learned to expect his overall development would be...
  9. One Lucky Momma

    Western NC - take your pick of two special Roos

    :hitIt’s with a heavy heart that I offer up either of my boys - a white Cochin, Little John Or a splendid Dominique, Aegis: Raised together since their arrival as day old chicks, they have coexisted amicably until about two weeks ago when, I’m thinking, at a year old their hormones kicked in...
  10. One Lucky Momma


    I’m so sorry fo the loss of your lovely girl. I hope it helps to know by sharing your difficult experience you’ve allowed many of us to learn things of value.
  11. One Lucky Momma

    Hen behavior following the death of their rooster

    It’s probably a ritual to which we humans are not privy. Chickens are deep, and you’ve got a sad situation there. May your guy RIP.
  12. One Lucky Momma

    Small tiny black bugs in my coop.

    Brush some into a container, like a small jar, of rubbing alcohol. Strain them throgh a white cloth or paper towel, then you can look at them with a magnifying glass and perhaps get some good photos. good luck!
  13. One Lucky Momma

    Review by 'One Lucky Momma' in article 'How Goals Can Help Your Flock'

    Inspiring, well composed and succinct.
  14. One Lucky Momma

    HELP! My 9 hens have stopped laying! Need advice.

    They might lay more consistently on a layer feed, but in any case, I believe it’s natural for them to take a break following a moult. And that’s really the way it ought to be so no cause for concern. Maybe a little inconvenient if you’re counting on the eggs. And, it sounds like a lovely flock!
  15. One Lucky Momma

    Not sure what’s on my white leghorns egg?

    The dark part looks like poop to me, so as the Mare pointed out, the paler portion could well be urates. What a cutely shaped egg! Precious.
  16. One Lucky Momma

    Egg Peritonitis Help

    Have a brave heart! You’re getting great advice that may save your bird. She can catch up on her sleep later. You, too. Good luck! Clearly, you love your birds. 👍
  17. One Lucky Momma

    Egg laid?

    Wait- a respiratory problem? That can play out a lot of different ways. Was she laying normally before the moult?
  18. One Lucky Momma

    Egg laid?

    My first impression was poop, too, but on closer inspection it does look a little yolky. In my limited experience the birds don’t poop in their nest boxes so maybe you do have a little half made egg, and the fact that the girls are coming off a moult could certainly have their egg processing a...
  19. One Lucky Momma

    Can my rooster mate?

    How old is this handsome guy? And how old are your females? Is he the only man in town? I think he just needs a little more time. Have faith!
  20. One Lucky Momma

    9 month old Buff Orpingron not laying eggs

    Oh my gosh! A parade! Absolutely beautiful and my, what proud roosters you have, and for good reason! Thanks so much for sharing the photograph.
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