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  1. horseyjess

    Turken aka naked necks wanted

    I haven’t on the state thread no. I will but by chance do you ship eggs?
  2. horseyjess

    Turken aka naked necks wanted

    Just what it says looking for naked neck hatching eggs. Thanks
  3. horseyjess

    When to cull old hens??

    No culling here for old age. Probably should that’s how I have so many birds . I only cull the oldies if they are hurt , aggressive or very sick. That goes the same for the youngsters. Plus how the hell do you know who isn’t laying? I have had one year olds slack and four year olds be...
  4. horseyjess


    I would like to get some of these. Can you Pm me your paypal :)
  5. horseyjess

    What colors will the Phoneix chicks be??

    Ok so I have 2 BB red hens and 1 Silver Duckwing hen with a Silver Duckwing Roo. When I bought the Hens I was told covered by the Silver Roo the chicks would be Silver. I am incubating some eggs wondering will the chicks be Silver Duckwing?? I am bad bad bad at Genetics! Thanks!!
  6. horseyjess

    LOOK! SPECIAL ON ASSORTED RARE CHICKEN EGGS 15 EGGS for $37.50 (shipping included)

    Pmed you I am in for first avalable starting the bator up tomorrow!
  7. horseyjess

    1-1 1/2 month old Polish chicks for sale

    Being as you wont ship where are you located?
  8. horseyjess

    12 Bearded Buff and Splash Silkies eggs

    Do you have anymore I will be in :)!
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