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  1. Taylor

    Is it ok to feed pullets gamebird starter?

    I went and bought some RIR pullets yesterday, and the guy told us he had fed them gamebird starter since they were born up to that time. they are about 5 months old now. are they ruined from being fed improper feed? will it hurt their egg laying?
  2. Taylor

    Will scratch grains hurt my pullets future egg laying?

    I recently bought dark brahmas and speckled Sussex from a woman who solely fed them scratch grains. Would that have hurt them in any way? Will they lay well in the future? They are very pretty and very healthy besides the point. I've got them on grower now.
  3. Taylor

    Muscovies This Cheap!!!??

    i saw on craigslist muscovies hatched in august, $2 each, is this a good price for the at that age? are they almost mature and able to lay eggs?
  4. Taylor

    Teen MOM!!!! LOL <3

    I have a black sex-link who is 8 months old and is wanting to set on eggs. so i have been getting eggs from my khaki-campbell ducks and set some under her yesterday. I call her a teen mom i hope she continues to set on them, today she didnt move at all, so a good sign! or is she way to young...
  5. Taylor

    Should I hatch my eggs?

    one of my campbell hens have started laying an egg a day and i think they may be fertile because he is mating her. its the middle of december, should i try and hatch them? and is this normal for a young duck hen to start laying in the middle of winter? they have not had artificial light or...
  6. Taylor

    Prices for Duck eggs?

    I have 3 khaki hens and a drake and hope to get eggs soon! LOL other people around here are asking like $1 a egg. could I ask$10 a doz for eating eggs? or is that too much, or too little?
  7. Taylor

    Will my rooster ever be a...Rooster?

    I have a 7 month old Partridge Rock cockerel and 2 hens, they are fairly new additions to the flock and the hens are doin just fine, but the hens i already had are picking on him constantly and bug the living crap outta him! will he ever straighten up and crow and be a rooster??? or will he...
  8. Taylor

    Moved my hen to "Hospice" Today... :(

    I have a cage that we call the hospital, and another one called "Hospice"we put them when they are about to die. I moved one of my RIR's to the chickie hospital earlier today due to a purple comb and eyes shut and droopy, and i give her antibiotics and wazine and some treats. then 4-5 hrs later...
  9. Taylor

    can i give them vitamins & electrolytes???

    will electrolytes help their egg-production any? really how does it really help your flock??? is it good on a regular basis????
  10. Taylor

    could my feed be bad???

    I have been buying a feed called "faithway" brand 16% layer pellets for 3 months now, my hens aren't laying any eggs! 1 a day maybe. before i was feeding co-op brand layer pellets and they were laying just fine, it actually made them start laying the co-op brand did. then when i switched them...
  11. Taylor

    I'M SOOOO OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!! what are your opinions?

    Okay heres my problem. I have 46 New pullets RIR, BR, BO, Delaware, BSL. all laying age, combs reddening just fine. theyve been laying since late august, early september and up at one time i got 14 eggs in one day. okay from then they have started slacking off, to 1-3 eggs a day. . I am feeding...
  12. Taylor

    what are wrong with my Hens??!!??

    I have 46 laying hens.they are still pullets, 27-30 wks old. they are Rhode island reds, barred rocks, buff orpingtons, delawares, and a couple of weeks ago i got 14 eggs in one day, and the next day, 6-7ish, then the next day 3, then 1, then back up to 2-3-4 a day now, what happened to them...
  13. Taylor

    Will He be okay??? Please say yes!!!

    Ok, i was feeding my chickens and turkeys table scraps, tonight we had fried chicken and I had a few chicken legs with little meat on them and i said what the heck, just throw them over in there too. and the hens ate all the meat off them, and the tom came over there and picked the bone up and...
  14. Taylor

    would this be too much protein?!?

    there is a local farm who makes their own layer pellets and chick food/grower. their layer pellets is from soybean and corn squeezins and it is 27% protein. same for their chick starter/grower, but its like 20% nd it has other millet and stff in it. would this be way too much protein for laying...
  15. Taylor

    are Mt.Healthies Barred Rocks good for layers??

    i have 15 and i was wondering if they are the egg laying type, or meat type. are they good layers all week/year, do they lay big brown eggs? and are their rhode island reds and buff orpingtons good too? mine are 15 wks old tomorrow and was just curious
  16. Taylor

    is my feed ration okay for my young pullets?????????

    I have 14 wk old pullets that i have been mixing about 20 lbs of scratch grains which is 8% protein. to a 50 lb bag of grower feed and this is 19% protein. is this a good mix for them? they are really active and growing just fine, i just wonder if it will hurt their egg production because i have...
  17. Taylor

    can i feed my young pullets scratch grains???

    i have 13 week old hens and i have been mixing 50 lb chick starter/grower with 25lb of scratch corn, will this mixture hurt them in anyway???? will it hurt their egg laying machinery???
  18. Taylor

    Help!!! Hen Just Had A Heat Stroke!!!!! :(

    when i went out to feed my 13 wk old barred rock pullet was laying out in the hot sun w/ her legs out and eyes rolled in the back of her head and gasping for air and jerked when i touched her. it got 95 today in east tennessee. i took her and put her in the chicky hospital and put lots of cold...
  19. Taylor

    Will Guineas harm our Vegetable Garden?????

    I have lavendar guineas and we have bugs bad in our gardens every year, will they eat the tomatoes and things or will they leave the veggies and go for the weeds and bugs????
  20. Taylor

    will these still hatch, or are they gone?!?!?!

    I have a hen thats been sitting on eggs since sunday (guinea eggs) and she got off yesterday for god knows how long and i felt the eggs and they were cold and today when i got home she was off again and they were cold, will the eggs still hatch????? or are they done for???? I just want to...
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