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  1. ShawnaLeigh

    1 chick

    I have 1 chick that hatched out a day ago and none of my hens will accept it. I am trying all avenues to find another couple of chicks to put with it but if not how do I raise this chick alone?
  2. ShawnaLeigh

    Won’t go in coop

    I have 6 week old Astrolop chicks that I have had separated from my older hens by chicken wire to where they can see each other but they have their own coop. A couple of days ago they quit going in the coop and was roosting on the ground outside against the coop of older hens. I cleaned out...
  3. ShawnaLeigh

    Broody hen question

    I have a Leghorn that is first time broody and she is sitting on 2 eggs. I am not sure how long the eggs have been under her, she took over some eggs from one of my broody Cochins and I never thought they were going to hatch because I had marked them and told my husband not to gather them but...
  4. ShawnaLeigh

    Banty roosters

    I inherited 2 banty roosters and this is my first experience with them and today one of my Leghorn hens was fighting with one of the roosters to the point I thought she was going to kill him but he kept going at her and I tried to intervene to keep her from killing him but when I saw that he was...
  5. ShawnaLeigh


    I am removing my two roosters from my flock. They have been with them since chicks. They are now fighting each other for dominance and disrupting my hens. I have 35 hens and the Roos are RIR. I am making two different areas for the two Roos so they can see the hens but not get to them...
  6. ShawnaLeigh

    My rooster

    I have a rooster that is about 6-7 months old and hasn’t made a sound, doesn’t crow or even talk to other chickens. He is mounting the hens though. Has anyone ever had one that was silent?
  7. ShawnaLeigh

    Injured chick

    A chick was caught in some chicken wire today while I was gone so not sure how long she was there. Her scalp/brain is exposed and was dry and not sure if her eyes have been pecked on or just swollen. I have her in the house and gave her water and put Vetermiticin? Not sure of spelling and blue...
  8. ShawnaLeigh

    Sick chicken?

    I have a ISA that is constantly getting egg bound I have been soaking her in warm epsom water. She will be fine for a few days then egg bound again. I give them the correct feed and oyster shell and scratch for a treat. Not sure how old she is because I got her from a local and was already...
  9. ShawnaLeigh

    Baby chick dilemma

    I have several hens sitting on eggs and one in particular has had 12 under her. Apparently other hens were sneaking eggs on her nest and I didn’t catch them but my question is I have a Cochin that has one chick a week old and then my orphington with the 12 has hatched 4 now within a few days of...
  10. ShawnaLeigh

    Mama weaning chicks too soon?

    My first time mama had chicks on March 24 and has been a wonderful and attentive mother but starting yesterday she kept getting out of her pen with chicks and staying in general population with the other hens and roosters. I have been catching her and putting back with chicks but tonight I...
  11. ShawnaLeigh


    I am new to chickens. I have 3 roosters. 2 are Buff Orphington which are with 18 hens and then I have a Rhode Island Red that is separated from the others that have 7 hens with him. My question is, 3 of my hens with the RIR are Cochins and it looks like he is hurting them when he tries to mate...
  12. ShawnaLeigh

    New Coop

    I have 7 ISA Browns that I bought locally and are at least 8-10 months old that have a coop. Then I ordered 15 brown egg layer collection from Hoover’s Hatchery and got them June 12 this year so I call them the tweens. They have their own coop and then I bought some chicks Labor Day from TSC...
  13. ShawnaLeigh

    Stopped eating

    I have a hen that was attacked by a dog and I have been nursing her back to health with scrambled eggs, poly vi sol, sugar water and daily epsom salt baths. But the last two days she has quit eating and just makes this low clucking sound so I am not sure what to do. I don’t want to lose her...
  14. ShawnaLeigh

    Injured hen

    i am brand new to backyard chickens. While I was cleaning the coop I had them in temporary pen and my dogs got out and attacked. I have 8 and only one is really bad off. She hasn’t moved in two days. I have been giving her sugar water and soaked her in epsom salt and it doesn’t appear to have...
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