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  1. magicpigeon

    Oh man it's been a while.

    Ahem. So I've been meaning to post an update for a while but have never really gotten round to doing it So lately among everything else we've farewelled two old friends Charlie the Ringneck Dove And Homer the pigeon (who if you remember, hatched our 2 silkie eggs ;) However fortunately...
  2. magicpigeon

    I need help with a l'il mystery ;)

    I posted a while back with a question regarding how long pigeons remain fertile and am now proud to say I completely agree with y'all..a 3 year old pigeon is DEFINETELY still capable of laying fertile eggs Within a few days of introducing Homer's new 'mate' she laid a pair of eggs..eggs we...
  3. magicpigeon

    Beautiful view from the house I got today =)

    While I was eating dinner I noticed the sun looked a bit more orange than before The view only lasted a few minutes before becoming dark and less 'photogenic' lol. I kind of dislike my neighbours less now for bulldozing down these 2 huge trees that used to grow there... it's so preeety
  4. magicpigeon

    Do y'all give your chickens nicknames?

    I know I do Except mine are more of a bad variety - Dandelion/Superfatman Aqua/Dumbquat Shady/The Real Slim Shady Kiff/Kiffypoo Bobo/Toenails I don't really know where I get any of those from LOL.
  5. magicpigeon

    Some birds never change ;)

    Just dug up some old files on my PC Some that caught my eye were these pictures of my Ameraucanas/Araucana, Zapp, Kiffy and Zoidberg. Unfortunately Zapp and Kiff were killed by a dog and only Zoidberg remains today. Anyway, without further ado; the pics - THEN: NOW: THEN: (reminded me...
  6. magicpigeon

    All hail the mighty Queen Silkie!!

    (here lookin' a bit more normal)
  7. magicpigeon

    Um, so I was gifted a fig tree...

    To be honest I can't even remember the last time I ate a fig, nor what it tastes like Right now the plant is only as tall as my knee but there are 2 fruits about 2cm in diameter. So, my question is how are you supposed to eat figs?!!!! And, as a sub question, if I leave the tree alone will my...
  8. magicpigeon

    Random question =)

    Howdy I've got a 3 year old pigeon whose friend accidentally flew away and i'm considering buying her a new mate. My question is, can a 3 year old pigeon still lay fertile eggs and hatch them? Her previous "partner" was another female. I'm just wondering seeing as she still does lay the...
  9. magicpigeon

    Woohoo! Magicpigeon went to America! xD

    Well to tel the truth I'm still in America... but leaving on Monday. We went to Orlando on one of those pre booked free tickety things, pretty epic until my sister got to Potterworld and spent close to $400 on... dare I say it? junk (Yess..I am not such a HP fan..) It's been strange...
  10. magicpigeon

    -sigh- where did all the time go?

    Today we celebrated Dandelion's first year living with us (hatched on the 2nd) I just thought I would post, seeing as I already have some pics on my photobucket and just- Wow. Time flies past sooooo fast O_O Makes me feel so ancient This was her last year: Her first black feathers...
  11. magicpigeon

    Ahmagawd. Look at the bags under my eyes o_O

    I calculated and I've only gotten a total of 22 hours of sleep since monday. It's Thursday. thought it would be funny to take a pic of the ole bloodshot eyes. More like depressing *falls to the ground and snores*
  12. magicpigeon

    Seriously? >_>

    Met up with one of my relative's neighbours at their insistence. My uncle was all "You two will really hit it off, you have a lot in common, you're both obsessed with birds for one.." apparently they all call her the "crazy chicken lady" So today we went over to their place, me completely under...
  13. magicpigeon

    Mystery hen laying soft shelled eggs?

    I've found 3 this past week in different places surrounding the roost Is there something she is missing in her diet if she consistently lays soft shelled eggs? All my other hens are normal... she is also an araucana, I'm not sure if that helps or not Thanks
  14. magicpigeon

    I need a hug :(

    Someone in this neighbourhood is learning that Canon in D. I hate that song sooooo much. It brings back bad memories. For one, I've had a recurring nightmare for years where I'm sitting next to a dead body covered in a sheet in this hospital room, in almost complete darkness. Then, out of...
  15. magicpigeon

    Now that's just messed up - broody on NO eggs for 5 weeks now?!!?

    My australorp just won't leave. She's been broody for 5 weeks, seems determined to hatch something... and, get this, THIS IS HER FIRST TIME BEING BROODY. What on Earth This morning I had to drag her out of the nest and personally escort her to the feeders. She ate for like 2 seconds then ran...
  16. magicpigeon

    Does your music taste change depending on mood?

    Just an idle question. For example, now I'm listening to "Best thing I never had" By Beyonce- There was a time I thought, that you did everything right No lies, no wrong Boy I, must've been outta my mind So when I think of the time that I almost loved you You showed your <...> and I, I saw the...
  17. magicpigeon

    Omg Omg Omg!!! Finally!! :d :d :d

    One of my Ameraucana pullets laid her first egg today! It's more of a minty green than a blue - but I'm not complaining! Here is the suspected layer: (Zapp) Pics of the egg next to a Speckled Sussex egg It's actually a lot bigger than I thought. Almost as big as a double yolker! I just...
  18. magicpigeon

    Frequent, heavy nosebleeds? Anyone else? :(

    It's worse this year, but I've always had these kind of problems. I don't know what sets it off, lol. Any ideas? Usually they last from between 3-7 minutes and are more common in the summer and spring. I *am* iron deficient as well. I've finally gotten to the point of considering surgery.. . a...
  19. magicpigeon

    Can tails be used as an indicator of gender in *younger* chicks?

    I bought three straight run Barter Black (Australorp x RIR) chicks last weekend. From what I gather they all look like girls, seeing as they had the smallest combs and the thinnest legs however I've just realsied one doesn't have a tail. Normally this wouldn't bug me so much but this one is also...
  20. magicpigeon

    Chicken addiction.. lol

    I cannot stop thinking about the chickies back at home Wanted to take the next 6 months off but somehow convinced myself not too... lol. I cannot concentrate. I wanna bond with my babies!! "I just bought some chickens" isn't a very good excuse, is it?
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