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  1. CJLR

    Attention Horse & Pony Owners!

    Sorry I don't do shows but I do have lots of pictures of my horse 😁
  2. CJLR

    Horse club

    Thank you I will try this. He normally loves to be groomed 🙂
  3. CJLR

    Horse club

    Hello I have a training question about my 14 year old mini gelding named chocolate. Today I was giving him a bath and when I got to his mane he reared up and almost hit my sister in the face so not knowing what else to do I tied him up up to a post and let him rest but that only made it...
  4. CJLR

    What on earth.

    keep him inside so he does not run away
  5. CJLR

    Random chicks...

    the brown one in the first and last pic looks like a light brown leghorn and the brown one in the second pic looks like a barnevelder
  6. CJLR

    Milking Goats!

    maybe you could try getting a slow feeder that they make for dogs
  7. CJLR

    Neighbor's Chickens Trying to Join My Flock

    I dont know exactly how much they should be feeding them it depends on how much forage they have how long they are let out each day what time of year it is how many acres they have etc. But i do know that 2 cups for 12 hens is only around 2 tablespoons per hen
  8. CJLR

    Neighbor's Chickens Trying to Join My Flock

    Awe poor things they must be really hungry 😢 Have you considered that maybe they don’t have the money for extra feed and are just too prideful to admit it
  9. CJLR

    Neighbor's Chickens Trying to Join My Flock

    You could try putting out kitchen scraps for them to eat
  10. CJLR

    The Bunny Chat Thread - For Bunny Owners

    To keep my rabbit busy I like to give her a cardboad box from aldi and she can use it as a hidehouse she loves to hop on top of it and chew it Once she is done with it I just replace it with a new one it just helps keep things interesting for her. Another thing I like to do is get a...
  11. CJLR

    Pregnant Sheep??

    they are very pretty i love her coloring :love
  12. CJLR

    Pregnant Sheep??

    with goats you can also do a blood test to see if they are pregnant
  13. CJLR

    Pregnant Sheep??

    i dont know that much about sheep but i used to have dairy goats. ewes are pregnant for 142 to 152 days the easiest way to tell if they are bred would be to see if they come back into heat once they get near the due date you should separate the ram...
  14. CJLR

    Chicken jumped in pool

    try to warm her up with a blow dryer
  15. CJLR

    Young chick walking "on high heel"

    you could try giving him some poultry vitamins
  16. CJLR

    Young chick walking "on high heel"

    i am not a expert but you could try cutting out a piece of cardboard and tapeing his foot to it so it is flat
  17. CJLR

    White wiggly thing in eye

    just curious but what kind of farm do you volunteer at
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