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  1. Chioflock

    Is this a bald keel area?

    Hello I am still looking for answers for my chicken with a bald spot in between it legs, not her bottom. I will attach pictures. Is this the keel? My blue is a 7 month old chicken that has been laying for 2.5 months. Saw this bald patch, and check for crawlies and couldn't find anything. The...
  2. Chioflock

    Bald spot under the breast

    Hi everyone, yesterday when I was performing the monthly inspection on my chickens, I found that one of my blue chickens, have a bald spot on bottom of chest, it looks completely clean, no pin feathers and crawling things that I could see, her vent and around it feathers looks clean and good. I...
  3. Chioflock

    Blue barred rock?

    Do you guys know if my Blue and my Violets are blue rocks? Or are they something else? I saw in another post here, that blue rocks have yellow beaks and feet, ours are black. Ido not mind at all, I am in love with them, Blue looks like a baby pinguin, and Violeta is so fluffy and sweet. I think...
  4. Chioflock

    He or she?

    Hi, I need some help, this is Coco our BR, Coco is 5weeks old but we see that it is not exactly the same as our other BR, it seems that is lighter in color than the others and his pattern more noticeable, also the comb is bigger and with more reddish color, the feet seem to be black, we ask the...
  5. Chioflock

    How to Eggmobile?

    Hi everyone, Any advise or someone who want to share experience with eggmobiles? We have 7, 6 week old chicks, we just moved them out to the chicken tractor/eggmobile (6×5ft) 3 days ago, they seem to love it, how often should I move it, when to let them go outside?, how to make them go again...
  6. Chioflock

    Baby chicks pecking in the brooder

    Hello everyone! Please help me understand why baby chicks peck their own feathers so much. I have 7 chicks in the brooder ( a medium size Rubbermaid tote) they are 2 and 1/2weeks old. They all seem healthy and their feathers are changing a lot now. They are no babies no more 😥
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