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  1. YardBirdMom

    Drumroll please .... What am I? Pics:!1408&authkey=!AGcj_Q2c-qcLYSc&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.jpg ~ This was about 2 wks ago...
  2. YardBirdMom

    HELP!!! Video included!!1310&authkey=!AIockWqGTW07tzE&ithint=video%2c.mp4 Last night I went to the run to see if the girls were ready for bed. It was about 7:30 in the evening and I typically just sit on a 5 gallon bucket and wait til they meander into the coop...
  3. YardBirdMom

    Is this chick a Maran?

    He is one of my 'extra' chicks from Murray McMurray and I'm 100% sure this is my FREE "Exotic Chick" But what IS he, or she?
  4. YardBirdMom

    To Keep Or Not To Keep ~~~~ Opinions welcome!!

    I have a dilemma. Without realizing what birds are what and which ones are best for 'this' or 'that', I purchased some from a feed store. They turned out to be Golden and Black Sex links, 15 + 1 more added later for a final count of 16. Which I now know is GREAT for egg production, but...
  5. YardBirdMom

    Injured chick - Please advise

    This morning my little rescue chick, Nip Nip, was fine, but this evening when I went to tend them the other chicks had pecked her above her tail feathers until she was bloody and raw -- I separated her and checked every other chick, but she was the only one they were picking on. I had...
  6. YardBirdMom

    Poop question

    This probably would sound weird to ANY group of people except all of you What does diarrhea look like in chickens? Does it smell? If so, can you describe it? The reason I ask is I've noticed the past two days an acrid type smell in my chickies trough and I clean the bedding every other day...
  7. YardBirdMom

    Storage shed to Chicken Coop (Updated photo's 4-13-14)

    My coop started life as a storage shed that was turned into a tack/feed room for my horses/cows for several years after buying this place. We live in a rural town in Oklahoma on 20.25 acres. Instead of tearing down this building when it's usefulness was over I asked hubby his opinion on...
  8. YardBirdMom

    New Member - First time Chicken Mom

    Hello Chicken community and fellow bird lovers!!!! :) I am SO over the moon excited to find a community with awesome pics of coops, information and other people who raise chickens. I've wanted chickens since we moved here, 9yrs ago, and each year I said this is THE year and each year something...
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