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  1. CJLR

    !!!!help paralyzed cat!!!!

    I got back from tractor supply today and found my barn can in the loft crushed under a old metal bed frame now he can't move his back legs or tail And his gums are pale and he won't open his eyes he drank some water but won't eat anything all the vet offices are closed...
  2. CJLR

    How much should you feed a pregnant rabbit

    Hello i have a mini rex rabbit that we are hoping is pregnant she should be about a week along i am new to rabbit's so i am still learning right now she gets 1 cup of greens and 2 tablespoons of pellets i am giving her southern states rabbit feed she also gets...
  3. CJLR

    what would do this

    so last night when we checked on all the animals everything was normal But when we were putting the chicks outside this morning 3 of our isa brown chicks were gone !! The only thing it left was the wings legs and hearts During the day they are kept outside in a...
  4. CJLR

    I got ducks!

    So yesterday i went to get some silkies from a lady who was moving 7 hours away and she had some ducks that she couldn't take with her soooo Now we are the proud owner of 3 ducks Does Anyone know what breed they are ?
  5. CJLR

    Help my rooster!!!!!

    So I went to feed my hen and rooster breeding pair this morning they are silkies and the rooster was laying on his side and had yellow vary watery poop around his back end so i stood him up he walked a few steps and the shot out a stream of yellow watery poop out i separated him from the hen put...
  6. CJLR

    5 hens and one rooster

    Hello I have 3 Easter Eggers 1 barnyard mix and 1 Columbian Wyandotte the rooster is a Easter Egger all the hens are still laying but very skittish the rooster is 4 months old and and he is NOT aggressive at all he is very friendly and will eat out of your hand I am located in...
  7. CJLR

    North Carolina

    Hi I am looking to rehome some of my chickens we just have too many I have 3 easter Eggers 1 barnyard mix 1 columbian Wyandotte hen and 1 ameraucana rooster all of the hens are a little skittish but the rooster is friendly and will even follow us around the yard sometimes he is not...
  8. CJLR


    So we got this rooster about a month ago and he had what looked like scaly mites and possibly a bit of old frostbite we had been treating him for the mites and had been putting hen healer on it and it seemed to go away until about 3 days ago and it started coming back...
  9. CJLR

    Looking for silkie rooster

    Hello everybody about a month ago I bought some silkie hens and now i would love to have some little silkie chicks . The silkies are 8 months old and have not started laying yet so i would like a rooster around the same age color does not matter but it must be...
  10. CJLR

    Egg bound hen possibly?

    Egg bound hen possibly? When I was watering the chickens today I noticed that one of the hens had no feathers below her vent when I looked closer I could see a slight bulge below the vent at first I thought it was egg bound but now I'm not so sure ? It looks like a egg but when you touch...
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