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  1. Amurr

    Sneezing ducklings

    I have two of three ducklings that are about a week and a half old that started sneezing yesterday. sneezing more today. I know there is something I can add to their water- but for some reason I can’t remember the name of it. Help jog my memory? I’m heading into town today (a two hour round...
  2. Amurr

    Swollen chick

    I have a chick in the incubator that hatched about 12 hours ago. From the time it hatched it has had a severely swollen belly. And it seems to be getting hard. It is so swollen that the chick cannot sit upright but flips over onto its back. what is this all about and is there anything I can do...
  3. Amurr

    Lost power on day 16!

    I’m absolutely devastated!!! Last night the power went out and my generator went tits up at the same time and there was no backup plan for my backup plan!! I covered the incubator with a mountain of blankets, but the power was out for 13 hours and my house got down to 54degrees. Is there any way...
  4. Amurr

    Mass mortality day 18-20

    So I had a lovely mix of ameracauna, cuckoo marans, and jersey giants in my incubator. On day 18 I went into lockdown with 22 viable eggs. It’s day 22 for the incubator so normally I would have left them alone but I HAD A GUT FEELING that something wasn’t right. I hadn’t seen a pip or a hatch...
  5. Amurr

    Look at my babies!! LOOK AT THEM!!!

    !!!*wildly excited screaming*!!! My first hatch!!! And they’re so PERFECT! My rooster is an English cuckoo lavender Orpington and my hens are black ameracaunas... what do you think of these babies though? I got three different colors! Two gray chicks, two black chicks, and a striped little buddy...
  6. Amurr

    Cuckoo Marans Eggs- duds or late bloomers?

    I’m hoping somebody can talk to me about cuckoo marans eggs. My incubator went into lockdown with 7 cuckoo marans eggs and 5 black ameracauna eggs. The first BA egg hatched on day 20. It’s the end of day 21 and all 5 BA eggs have finally hatched. However, not a single cuckoo marans has hatched...
  7. Amurr

    Lemon Cuckoo Neiderrheiner X Isabel Cuckoo Lavender Orpington

    I need somebody to school me on how specific coloring and color mutations pass down to offspring. Specifically, can somebody explain to me what color chicks I would hatch if I bred my Isabel Cuckoo lavender Orpington rooster with a Lemon Cuckoo Neiderrheiner hen? pictures of my rooster Macaroni...
  8. Amurr

    Lemon cuckoo Neiderrheiner X Isabel cuckoo Orpington

    I’m not sure I’m posting in the right category to be honest. But I need somebody to school me on how specific coloring and color mutations pass down to offspring. Specifically, can somebody explain to me what color chicks I would hatch if I bred my Isabel Cuckoo lavender Orpington rooster with a...
  9. Amurr

    When will I hear peeping?

    So I have 12 eggs in the incubator and am at the very end of day 19. I’ve been having some issues getting my humidity up for hatching and put a damp paper towel in the incubator to increase humidity. As I was placing my paper towel I heard three super loud peeps, but a quick look at my eggs and...
  10. Amurr

    Egg turner rattles eggs!?

    I got a new Ridgeyard 32 egg incubator that I just filled with cuckoo marans, jersey giants, and ameracaunas. The marans and ameracauna eggs are short and squat and fit snuggly in the egg turner, but the JJ eggs are tall and slender and rattle violently when the egg turner goes. Is this a...
  11. Amurr

    Cuckoo Maran or Barred Rock?

    My husband bought me two mature hens and the lady just called them sex links. At first I thought they looked like barred rock or barred mixes, but I’ve recently been learning about cuckoo marans and I’m wondering if that might be more accurate for these girls. What do you think? (The three...
  12. Amurr

    Is this egg fertilized?

    Are these two eggs fertile? I’ve recently had some concerns about my young rooster. He’s partially blind and kind of dumb and at nearly a year old we have yet to see him show any interest in the hens as..well, hens. He also doesn’t act much like a rooster. Today is the first time I’ve ever seen...
  13. Amurr

    Can’t form an egg?

    *Edit* ok, we’ve officially established that I’m wrong for adding a few teaspoons of oyster shell. I’ll change that. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I still need ideas on the problem. I adopted two hens that were said to be about 1.5-2 years old. At the time they were not laying because “they just came out of a...
  14. Amurr

    Rooster doesn’t mate.

    Hey guys! I could really use some brains to pick! My rooster Kyle is an English Lavender Orpington. He is 10 months old. And he’s just not the brightest crayon in the box. He crows, but he’s really bad at it. He’s not... much of a rooster. He doesn’t have any protective instincts, he won’t...
  15. Amurr

    Columbian Wyandotte

    Hatched May 1st, 2 Columbian Wyandotte’s. Neither are crowing, neither are laying. Both look like Roos to me, and they are buttheads. I’d like to get confirmation on them before I rehome them. What do you think?
  16. Amurr

    Columbian Wyandotte’s- hens?

    Hey y’all. I dont have any experience with Columbian Wyandotte’s. Edith and Bonnie are my first and the older they get the more I worry that they are an Eddie and Benny. what do you think? They are somewhere around 3.5+ months.
  17. Amurr

    Hen or Roo? What say you?

    This is Ruth. Idgie already turned out to be a rooster. And Ruth is getting a very bright, fat, smooth comb that looks... different from any other comb Ive seen before. Does Ruth look like a lady bird to you?
  18. Amurr

    Help! Weak floppy pullet

    My birds were doing perfect this morning. I gave them a head of ice burg lettuce to decimate and three hours later one of my Colombian Wyandottes was laying in the bottom of the run. I brought her in the house, put her in the empty brooder box, dipped her beak in water. She's weak, can't...
  19. Amurr

    Sex my Favorolles

    8-9 week old Favorolles. My baby, my buddy, my favorite friendly shoulder bird with no fear. Rooster or Hen? I have a sneaking suspicion my baby is a Roo.
  20. Amurr

    WHAT are they?

    I have four birds that are supposed to be Black Jersey Giants. They are 3-4ish weeks and they aren’t maturing like I expected. They are half the size of my columbian Wyandotte’s that are exactly the same age. And they are turning white?! what do you think?
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