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  1. Preservation Acres

    Campine Chicken thread?

    I'd like to find a top-quality breeder also.
  2. Preservation Acres

    Why have a rooster at all?

    A hen will lay an egg a day until she masses a dozen or so. Once she goes broody, she'll spend nearly 24/7 sitting on the eggs. The first egg laid might be 12 or more days old before she starts incubating them. Regardless, that 12 day old egg along with the last egg she laid will all start...
  3. Preservation Acres

    White Leghorns and Molting

    My only hen that still laying right now is a white leghorn that I rescued. She was looking really rough when I got her, and wasn't sure if she'd even live, but with loots of nurturing, she's happy, healthy and living the high life of daily free ranging. All of my hens are molting heavily now...
  4. Preservation Acres

    Who had to BUY eggs this week? mad mad mad....

    I have only one hen laying--my ex-battery rescued white leghorn. They're all molting and taking a vacation. So yeah, I'm buying those pathetic grocery eggs.
  5. Preservation Acres

    Perhaps I've Had Enough

    Could you possibly sell some of your males at below market rate? Sell them at a price that's sure to sell...or even give some away?
  6. Preservation Acres

    "Deflating" or "Shrinking" Comb???? What's up with that???

    Thanks. I'm giving my chickens lots of protein since they're molting.
  7. Preservation Acres

    "Deflating" or "Shrinking" Comb???? What's up with that???

    I have an Ancona hen that's in the middle of a full molt. She typically has a very large and very red comb that flops over like a leghorn hen's comb. Right now, she's otherwise very healthy and active, but her comb is getting smaller and smaller every day. It's also pinkish and not bright...
  8. Preservation Acres

    Indian Runner color question

    If the parents are pure, their ducklings will be the same color, but if there's some other breeds in the blood line, there's a chance you'll get something different. Regardless, chances are pretty good that they will at least mostly be all fawn and white.
  9. Preservation Acres

    Cooking sparrows

    I studied "human survival skills" sometime back, and one thing I remember is that anything with feathers or fur is edible. All mammals and birds are safe to be eaten.
  10. Preservation Acres

    Chicken coop almost done, what do ya think?

    You can fit WAY more chickens in there...and maybe 6 or 8 cows from the looks of it. :-) Good Job!
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    Are Full Grown Jersey Giants Vulnerable to Hawks?

    That's basically the question. :-)
  12. Preservation Acres

    Hawk Attack! Antibiotics? How can I help my roo?

    Keep in mind that he's not a loner. Chickens do best with other chickens. I had to stitch up one of my hens after a dog attack. I kept her inside for several days and she was just sitting on her perch very quiet. When I brought in her best buddy hen to stay in the kennel with her, she...
  13. Preservation Acres

    Proof That Broody Hens are Nuts! Photo Attached

    I still laugh the most when I look at the chick. "Uh, excuse me????"
  14. Preservation Acres

    Proof That Broody Hens are Nuts! Photo Attached

    I think the funniest part is how her chick looks so put out and ticked off.
  15. Preservation Acres

    Proof That Broody Hens are Nuts! Photo Attached

    Not my hen. I found this pic online and had to laugh.
  16. Preservation Acres

    Hen Just Ate a Black Widow Spider!

    Final verdict... One day later. No effects at all. Apparently it's safe for chickens to eat black widows.
  17. Preservation Acres

    Hen Just Ate a Black Widow Spider!

    From what I'm seeing, I think she'll be fine. She's walking the run with the other hens looking for whatever bugs may have crawled or flown into the area over night. Funny thing though...she keeps going to the spot where she found the spider. She's scratching around, and it looks like she's...
  18. Preservation Acres

    Hen Just Ate a Black Widow Spider!

    Thanks. So far all is well. It's been about 30 minutes now and no effects. She swallowed it so fast, she could have been bitten internally. I wouldn't be surprised if it was still alive when it reached her crop. I'll keep watching her. My wife will watch her after I leave for work, and...
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    Hen Just Ate a Black Widow Spider!

    Just as the title says. I picked up their waterer to fill it about 5 minutes ago, and a huge black widow fell to the ground. It apparently crawled under overnight. We have so many of those here in Tennessee. As soon as it hit the ground, my New Hampshire hen pounced on it and ate it. Have...
  20. Preservation Acres

    Watery Feces?

    Same here. It's very hot here...chickens drinking constantly...watery poop. Otherwise, they're fine.
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