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  1. Relynn

    Ameraucana or EE?

    So, I bought Cleo as an Ameraucana from the local feed store, she lays eggs on the C level of the Ameraucana egg color chart, but I am not sure if she is actually an ameraucana. Please let me know what you think.
  2. Relynn

    Need to re-home silkie roo in SoCal

    Damien, my silkie rooster is becoming to loud to keep in my neighborhood. I am not actually supposed to have a roo and people are starting to complain. Please message if interested. He is really sweet, and is not for food. We have been bringing him in every night so he does not crow at 5:30 am...
  3. Relynn

    Ameraucana or EE?

    So, Cleo is supposed to be an ameraucana, or that is what the feed store ordered, but I do not know if they were sold EE's instead. I have a younger one as well, and she does not seem to have muffs or a beard yet, so thinking she may be an EE as well. My olive egger is getting copper around her...
  4. Relynn

    Blue Gold Partridge Brahma 8 1/2 weeks old

    Here are my 8 1/2 week old Brahma babies. They were hatched in an incubator, and one I helped out cause she was stuck... I am pretty sure Rascal is a boy, and Princess Leah is a girl. Princess Leah is next to my Olive Egger- Olive on the Perch, behind my Light Brahma Sharon. Rascal is in the...
  5. Relynn

    Brahmas ... looking like boys, any help?

    So, I hatched two blue/gold partridge brahma's, and I bought 2 light brahmas from the local feed store. I think one of the light brahmas may be a boy, and the other may well have Mareck's. She is doing the leg things. I lost a whole flock of birds last spring to what seems to be Mareck's...
  6. Relynn

    Help my chick is almost dry and not out of the shell

    my chick stopped zipping or the shell was too hard for her to zip it all the way. The membrane is now yellow and kind of dry, she started zipping 24 hours ago, and kept trying to kick out. Now it feels like the shell is stuck to her! What do I do?! I finished the zip for her and put her back in...
  7. Relynn

    New hatch with a large yolk sac

    So, I am very excited, out of nearly 24 eggs, only 5 look like they are going to hatch. I received them by mail, and I know that greatly decreases the odds, and add on top of that that the mail man put them in my mail box even though they said live eggs, so two were broken. And there was a...
  8. Relynn

    Pullet or Roo?? She is now 6 months old today.

    So, this is Sprite, and she is a bit mean. She attacks as if a rooster, so I am beginning to think she is a he... no eggs yet, so not any real way to say either or. I am thinking she may have killed my little silkie roo this morning, because I heard some squawking, but decided it could have been...
  9. Relynn

    Sprite, 15 week old, male or female easter egger?

    Okay, so just recently my son told me that one of my favorite birds who I handle all the time, the one I have had since two days old, who had her egg tooth when I got her, is attacking him. Anyways, I thought it was funny, because I couldn't believe it, and whenever he would try to show me she...
  10. Relynn

    Pullets or Cockerels

    These are my blue laced red Wyandotte’s I am just making sure they are all pullets. They are 15 weeks tomorrow, and I am trying to see if they are boys, to give me a reason why my RIR cockerel keeps hurting them. My RIR is getting a new home today, but just trying to figure it out.
  11. Relynn

    Buff Orpington Cockerel?

    I bought this buff Orpington with another one that recently passed away, I bought them both when they were 2 days old. This one is now 14 weeks, he is supposed to be a sexed female, but I am thinking those are saddle feathers I am seeing... ugh. This is my only remaining BO, and I will be sad if...
  12. Relynn

    EE roo?

    So, this is Sprite. I got her as a sexed pullet, and at 7 weeks I am scared that she may be a he... ugh... I have already had to rehome 5 roosters that were supposed to be pullets... I really love this one... she sits on my shoulder and gives hugs when I hold her up to my neck. I am hoping that...
  13. Relynn

    Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte- strange feathers

    I have 3-BLRW they are 8 weeks, will be 9 in a couple of days, and they have strange barred feathers. I just wondering it this is normal or if it means they are mixed with something else? Thank you for any help you can give!
  14. Relynn

    How big should a silkie be at 7 weeks?

    So, I am hoping posting a new thread will get me faster help. I purchased 4 bearded silkies from a reputable breeder, they are beautiful, and are just losing their baby feathers. When I bought them the breeder said that they were between 3-4 weeks old, except the white one because she was so...
  15. Relynn

    Hurt Chicken Can't walk...

    So, my hen pushes my pullets out every night when they go in before her, she does it like 2-3 times, well now they just sit outside until they are sure she is sleeping before they go in. However, one night Red was being particularly mean, and chased all the other chickens out of the coop after...
  16. Relynn

    What kind of bantam am I??

    We bought this bantam in the mixed bantam section at our local feed store, we got her cause we thought that it was a Silver Laced Polish bantam, however she is looking more like a cochin or a brahma bantam. The color is throwing me off. Comet is 6 weeks old, and I think that Comet is a she. But...
  17. Relynn

    Do I have Roo's?

    So, I went to a hatchery close to my house, and I got 2 black star sex-links, 2 barred rocks and two that were supposed to be French Cuckoo Marans. Well I believe one of those Marans is a BCM, because it is all black with just white feathers under the wings. I am starting to think both of the...
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