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  1. wilhiteranch

    Introducing new chickens to a flock?

    Is it easier to introduce new chickens to a flock when they are just out of brooder stage or adult chickens?
  2. wilhiteranch

    Whats the difference?

    Whats the difference between a pullet and a hen and a Cockerel and a rooster?
  3. wilhiteranch

    RIR Chicks

    Why do feed stores carry so many of this breed? They are great birds I have 2 and they are sweet hearts and the best of buds but Im looking for other breeds now and cant find any in the feed stores.
  4. wilhiteranch

    Chickens digging around water bowl

    Why are my chickens digging in the sand around their water? They end up digging so much the water falls over and drains.
  5. wilhiteranch

    silkie Rooster ( No longer available)

    I am not aloud to have roosters in my area. He is super sweet and so far extremely friendly even let's kids hold him. We are really sad to see him go but we just can't keep him. Please local delivery only no shipping.
  6. wilhiteranch

    Can you tell?

    Now that my Chicks are now almost 4 months old, Can anyone tell me if any of them are roo's? I suspect 2 of them are.
  7. wilhiteranch

    what kind of feed after starter food

    Hi all, What kind of food should we use after medicated starter feed. The girls are four months old. We were told to put them on a fine scratch for two months and then move to laying feed. What's the difference between scratch and feed? Do we use both at the same time? Do we still use any...
  8. wilhiteranch

    Keeping chickens off patio

    I'm wondering if anyone knows any good ways to teach or keep the chickens off of the patio and onto the grass?
  9. wilhiteranch

    Do any of my Chicks look like a roo? Plus just wanted to share pics

    I LOVE them..they think they should come in the house when we do!
  10. wilhiteranch


    Do you think misters for chickens are bad? Im leaving for 3 days and im worried they will get to hot. When Im home I take precautions by keeping them cool with fresh ice water, fans, dunking feet..ETC but the babysitter wont cater to them like I do.
  11. wilhiteranch

    Noises and roosting

    When do chickens change their noise from a chirp to a baak? I swear every once in while I'm hearing a baak out of one of them. Last night was the girls first night in their coop but they were Not interested in the roost. We would set them up on them and they would jump off. Heres a pic of the...
  12. wilhiteranch

    New to roosting

    Will my girls naturally roost or do I have to teach them? They are 9 wks old. I'm afraid the silkies can't get up but I'm sure the RIR's can. They have not been in their coop yet. I'm still bringing them inside at night
  13. wilhiteranch

    Water in coop at night

    When it's hot out will the chickens drink at night. Should I leave their water in the coop?
  14. wilhiteranch


    How do you give chickens vitamins?
  15. wilhiteranch

    Mealworms and flies

    Can i feed my girls dried mealworms and flies?
  16. wilhiteranch

    Food and water

    Do the girls need food and water inside the coop or just the run. All they do is sleep at night, right?
  17. wilhiteranch

    My silkies are not very friendly

    I have 2 silkies and 2 RIR'S they are ruffly 5 weeks old. My reds are very friendly but the silkies are not. I was under the impression that silkies were friendly. I'm new at chickens.. And not sure how to coax them into being friendly
  18. wilhiteranch

    Are chickens sensitive to sound

    This is probably a stupid question but i have to ask. I have my pullets out back now during the day and I'm in desperate need to mow the lawn. Will the mower scare the chickens?
  19. wilhiteranch

    First time outside

    Ok so my girls are 4 weeks old and it's the first sunny day in weeks. so I thought I would let my Girls out to play for a few and they wigged out. Started laying down kinda on their sides with a wing up. And beaks open. Totally stressed out clearly! How do you introduce them to the outside...
  20. wilhiteranch

    Nesting boxes and coop/Run size

    My girls are still young but we are in the planning phase for their coop. I have 2 Rhode Island Reds and 2 Silkies, do they each need their own nesting box? Is it more important to have a larger hen house or a larger run?
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