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  1. megan80568

    Hey Northerners: What is the absolute coldest air temps your chickens have experienced happily!

    Thanks for responding, I usually don't get many replies haha. I have her separates because the other birds were licking on her because She was limping well still is slightly limping. I'm sure I panic too much about them. Also when she was in the one would roost with her like they...
  2. megan80568

    Hey Northerners: What is the absolute coldest air temps your chickens have experienced happily!

    I worry about my poop little girls and guys. I don't use any heat as from the advice I've read on here. Its my first winter with chickens. I do give them a warmed mash of feed, corn, oats, greens and some vegetable baby food on the cold mornings. Which is almost every one in erie haha. My poor...
  3. megan80568

    Bumblefoot surgery - with pics and "how to"

    I am.very worried. My one hen had been limping for about 2 days. Brought her inside gave her a bath and saw the trademark black scab. Read everything on here about It before removing the scab and soaking. For two nights j have looked for the plug in the hole But nothing. Can this be normal?
  4. megan80568


    My silkie rooster is quite sweet. He tried something once, I held him down and never again. When I'm in the run if he tries to boss someone I do the same thing. No problems he hasn't shown the slightest hint of aggression since the first incident. I used to have a barred Plymouth rock rooster...
  5. megan80568

    The Tetra Tint thread.. (Photos, info) ❤

    I agree I have two and I love them. Amelia and Orville. Thy always want attention. By far my favorite.
  6. megan80568

    Want to add a rooster to my flock - need some advice

    I Have a barred rock rooster that I got from tsc And he was fine but has turned aggressive. My younger silkie roo was protecting the girls from wild turkeys while he was exploring. He has flown and tried to attack me 4 times so my friend is gonna cull him with hers. His naughty behavior is...
  7. megan80568

    How many roos?

    I should also note that they have all been raised together
  8. megan80568

    How many roos?

    Can They all roost together at night and then just be in a separate run during the day? Will that help with overmating? I have 1 barredrock cockerel, 3 pullets, and 4 unknown gneder silkies. So far the rock just tries to mate the male mallard. Will free ranging help. Or should I get another hen.
  9. megan80568

    To many rooster's

    That's what I'm worried with. So far I have one positive roo in my flock of 7. 3 of the others came sexed already so I know They are pullets. The other 4 are silkies and I don't know gender yet. I suspect one is a roo, will that be okay? Would it help to free range more? They Have all grown up...
  10. megan80568

    Plymouth Rock thread!

    I have a barred rooster that is 20 weeks, was supposed to be a pullet, but oh well he is looking gorgeous can't wait til he fully matures. Beautiful pictures guys.
  11. megan80568


    Currently I use dumor starter/ growth crumbles for my 12 week olds and when I switch to layer I will use pellets, I have heard there is less waste. I am also going to try the Purina layer to see how that is compared to dumor. Cracked corn says not to start until an adult. I just started...
  12. megan80568

    Adding a couple "fancy" breeds to existing flock

    My silkies are much larger then I imagined. My smallest black one is like best friends with my barred rock rooster. So I feel it depends on the individuals.
  13. megan80568

    A couple of rooster questions and a random question

    I'm having a similiar issue. I had 18 week old barred rock roo and 18 week old male mallard that a friend gave me. The barred rock was supposed to be a hen. I also have 4 14 week silkies and 3 assorted 14 week sexed pullets. I'm concerned about keeping a male in my backyard flock. The noise...
  14. megan80568

    Potty Training?

    They don't have the ability to control their excretions so no.
  15. megan80568

    gender of barred rock

    Or not cause my phone will Not post the picture.
  16. megan80568

    gender of barred rock

    Can anyone tell me what gender She is. She is 15 weeks old.
  17. megan80568

    Can i sleep in on weekends and let the birds out late?

    I do that with mine and They don't care. If Its too late my one will make some noise But that's all. There are always automatic doors if you wanna go that crazy But mine seem happy and fine.
  18. megan80568

    Duck Houses

    I.agree I keep it all outside because they are so messy
  19. megan80568

    What did your chickens do today?

    We discovered broccoli for the first time...hilarious
  20. megan80568

    external parasites

    I just put my 10 week old chicken and duck outside I have some 2 week holds that are due to go out soon. I live surrounded by woods and am wondering what I can use for proactive parasite control. I have sand as the substrate in the coop.and dirt and such in the run. I'm afraid for fleas, ticks...
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