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  1. JBG acres

    New member

    Welcome:frow! You have come to the right place for great people and great information. Would love to see pictures of your new feather babies when you get a chance!
  2. JBG acres

    Woke up this morning to 3 out of 5 chickens dead

    First I want to apologize for giving bad advice of relocating. But also thank @EggSighted4Life and @cmom because I hadn't thought about it like that. The reason we let the raccoon we caught go back into the woods behind our house was in case it had babies so I don't know why I didn't think about...
  3. JBG acres

    Dead hen

    :hugs I am so sorry for your loss. We lost a few chickens early in the day to a raccoon a couple years ago. That's when I learned that raccoons will sometimes be out during the day to find food for their new babies. I hope you are able to catch it to get rid of it. Im sure it will probably be...
  4. JBG acres

    Review by 'JBG acres' in article 'Accessorizing Your Run- How to Make Your Run More Fun For Your Chickens'

    All fun ideas.i have hay bales which my girls love and have made their own pile to scratch through here and there but I love the stair idea for some reason I ha not ever thought of hanging an apple for them. Thanks for all the great ideas!
  5. JBG acres

    A PIP!

    That's awesome, can't wait to see pictures!! Very exciting:celebrate! Congrats!!
  6. JBG acres

    Woke up this morning to 3 out of 5 chickens dead

    So sorry about your loss . I hope you catch whatever it is. If it is a raccoon don't release it anywhere close if you release it. It will come back. I would guess the same with other predators as well. I hope your other hens recover :hugs.
  7. JBG acres

    When to give grit

    I usually start giving grit free choice around 3 or 4 weeks old and I keep mine on chick starter/grower until they start to lay then I switch them to layer feed which for most of my girls has been around 18 or 20 weeks give or take.
  8. JBG acres

    Review by 'JBG acres' in article 'INTRODUCTION TO KEEPING DUCKS'

    This is good information to have. I hadnt thought about using towels. I love your pictures too. I started out with chickens as well and decided I wanted ducklings. I thought I was prepared but you aren't kidding when you say they grow fast! They are ouside in their house and run now and are very...
  9. JBG acres

    Dangers of heatlamps - Soo mad!

    Oh wow! How scary. I'm glad your ducklings are ok. Thank you for posting that!
  10. JBG acres

    Are any of these breeds incompatible in a mixed flock?

    Oh wow! I wasn't that brave. I started with 6. A raccoon got into our coop when they were a couple years old. Dug under the door only completely killed 1 (which is too many)but messed up the egg laying for the rest for a long time. The rest are long gone but they were good birds. I will have to...
  11. JBG acres

    Are any of these breeds incompatible in a mixed flock?

    We have 36 chickens and 7 ducks now :love
  12. JBG acres

    Are any of these breeds incompatible in a mixed flock?

    Our first birds were RIRs. They were great. Very friendly towards us and each other. They would eat snacks from our hands and even jump up to get a snack if you held it out for them. I liked the personalities they had. Of course being our first flock they got a ton of attention from the get go.
  13. JBG acres

    New home made coop 2.0

    That's awesome! I keep thinking I want to try the pvc pipe feeder idea. My girls make a mess with their food.
  14. JBG acres

    Newbie from Illinois

    Welcome :frow. You've come to the right place for great people, support and information. Congrats on your new flock!
  15. JBG acres

    Greetings from a new member!

    :frow welcome!! Congrats on your little chicks. Love the names! Sorry about the one you lost. Chickens are a lot of fun and addictive so building bigger is smart! I have quite a few more chickens than that in a slightly larger area and they do great. Best of luck with your new flock. You've...
  16. JBG acres

    New member

    :frow welcome!! You have come to the right place for great people and tons of good information and advice! Best of luck and post pictures when you can:D.
  17. JBG acres

    My ducklings run the opposite way

    I don't have answers for you really but I thought maybe it would help to know that you are not alone. Mine are the exact same way. We got them into their bigger duck house outside and working on getting netting over their run so they can be outside outside more. I'm hoping that if I spend some...
  18. JBG acres

    I have a sick baby

    Best of luck with your sick little one :fl
  19. JBG acres

    Brand new chicken mama!

    :frowwelcome!! I'm excited for you! You've come to the right place for great information should you have any questions. This is a wonderful community!
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