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  1. Atrayu

    10+ Blue/Black/Splash English Orpington Day Old Chicks, Ends 4/19 at 9:00 p.m. EST

    I would like to begin the bid at $30. Thank you
  2. Atrayu

    Turkeys Attacking Broody Hens

    thanks so much for sharing and the ideas. I have already separated the turkeys during the daytime when the hens are in the brooder. As dusk comes along, everyone is calm and ready for bed. I will keep an eye out for the behavior. I think I have a new home for the turkeys in a week or so...
  3. Atrayu

    Turkeys Attacking Broody Hens

    I wasn't sure which forum to post this on, but it seems like kind of an emergency to me. So I apologize if this is the wrong forum to bring up this subject. I have a Blue Slate female and Red Bourbon male turkeys that around 5-6 months old. They recently have been attacking my broody hens...
  4. Atrayu

    Please help me identify these two breeds!

    This year, I ordered about 75 chicks from various hatcheries and in the mix of having the chicks in various brooders, there are a couple of chicks I can't identify what they are. They are now feathered out and in the big coop. The pullet in the pictures has blue legs (the picture doesn't show...
  5. Atrayu

    Gosling with a feather fetish problem!!! Eating feathers off other gosling!

    Thanks for the ideas on the greens. We just got 8 inches of snow today, but they loved it when I took them outside the other day. I think I will let them walk around the garage a bit when I get home. I have some greens I will feed them as well. I also just stopped at Petco during lunch and...
  6. Atrayu

    Gosling with a feather fetish problem!!! Eating feathers off other gosling!

    Thank you all for some of the great advice and suggestions you offered! They have a good sized brooder, but I think they are bored. I also talked to someone who said that maybe they need some protein too. So I will be adding sunflower seeds to their diet and maybe some meal worms. Will pick up...
  7. Atrayu

    Gosling with a feather fetish problem!!! Eating feathers off other gosling!

    This is the first time I have decided to raise geese. I thought I would give them a try after two years of raising chickens and turkeys. I bought two gosling 5 weeks ago and really love them. I had put them in with some of my chicks that were the same age, when I first got them, but I had to...
  8. Atrayu

    Rare Breed Special - Solid White Marans - Buff Laced Brahma - Black Copper Marans - BUY IT NOW! $14

    Nice assortment of chicks! Two questions for you. Are these straight run? and How old are the chicks? thanks
  9. Atrayu

    SULMTALER - Trio - US only - AUCTION ends April 5th at midnight - FREE S&H

    Those are beautiful birds. Are you asking that we start the bidding at $250? You have that amount posted on your ad. Thanks!
  10. Atrayu

    Hatching Eggs!!!: 40+ Breeds to choose from: Starting at $3/each

    Hi Papa Brooder, You have some beautiful breeds. Do you ever sell chicks? My hatching luck/skills are not very good at all. thanks
  11. Atrayu

    Barnevelder BB Chicks

    Those are beautiful birds! When do you think they will be ready for shipping?
  12. Atrayu

    Breda Fowl Chicks in Northwest Florida

    Wow! I have been really wanting some Breda chicks! When do you think you all will be opening up for shipping? Would love to buy some from you if you would consider shipping. Thanks
  13. Atrayu

    Black Copper Marans chicks 4 days old

    I will be traveling out to Omaha next weekend (March 1-3). If you are not able to find a home for them, by then, I would be happy to buy them from you. I live in South Dakota. Let me know and I will send you a PM with my contact info. thanks much Mark
  14. Atrayu

    WANTED: Frizzle Chicks

    Very cool! Please keep me in mind if you wish to sell any. Would love to have some BC Marans or Americauna Frizzles. thanks much Mark
  15. Atrayu

    WANTED: Frizzle Chicks

    I am interested in buying Frizzle chicks. I am looking for Frizzle Standard Cochins, but open to other Frizzle breeds. Please PM me if you are interested in selling and shipping. Willing to drive to neighboring states to pick up. Interested in purchasing up to a dozen. Thanks and have a...
  16. Atrayu

    Cold col, what is too cold

    I appreciate all the comments on this topic. It is good to see the varying views, opinions and experiences. I always seem to learn more ever time I get on here. I am in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where winters can be super cold (not as bad as in Canada). We have a coop that is...
  17. Atrayu

    Free Range or Not? What Does Everyone Prefer?

    I have 52 chickens that free range. We live on 25 acres in the Black Hills of South Dakota, with lots of predators, including mountain lion, coyotes, fox, eagles, hawks, etc. I have lost about 20 hens and pullets to predators. I have now tried a couple of new ideas that I hope will help...
  18. Atrayu

    Baby chick born with undeveloped foot. Any suggestions on how to help it?

    I noticed this afternoon that her second foot is also not formed well. :(
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