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  1. SuziQ991

    Look what my BIL made for me!!

    My Brother in Law found this old chicken waterer and refinished it for me! But there is no way I'm leaving it outside. I guess I will find a spot in the house for it. I Love it!! It was so sweet of him to do this
  2. SuziQ991

    Rooster in Bachelor Pad being picked on

    I have a bachelor pad with 5 roosters. They have been together since about Sept. Other than the first day, they all have been getting along. They are only a week apart in age (8months) Their coop is 8x4 and the run is 10x10, so I think they have plenty of room. Within the last week they...
  3. SuziQ991

    Craiglist Find...hope someone can get it
  4. SuziQ991

    I am Thankful for..........

    My first blue egg!!!!!!!
  5. SuziQ991

    good idea or not?

    I need some input. I have two flocks, the set up is a coop on each end and two reinforced dog pens divided in two in the middle. The smaller coop is 8x4 with a 10x10 run. The other is a 10x12 coop with a 10x20 run. I have a total of 19 chickens and 6 of them being cockerals, two were raised...
  6. SuziQ991

    MO Craigslist Find-Incubator

    Hope someone can use this: I found this on Craigslist. I am not selling it.
  7. SuziQ991

    look at this craigslist coop=IL

    This would be awesome for someone to make a coop. Great price. I hope someone can get it! Jerseyville Illinois I think
  8. SuziQ991

    What color is this chick?

    I incubated and hatched 12 chicks. I have FCM, Americauna and Easter Eggers. Most are blue but I have this very light colored one. What is the difference between a blue and a lavender? Could you tell me what color this is? Thanks.
  9. SuziQ991

    Before and After BYC LOL

    Last August I decided I wanted a few hens for fresh eggs. My DH built me a 8x4 coop and I bought 6 hens. All was well for awhile THEN I found BYC and you know......the chicken math thing......becoming a hatchaholic and so on. So this is what happened: Coop number two, 10x12 And here is...
  10. SuziQ991

    another CL find in St. Louis hurry it's free!!!!

    Oh I hope someone can get this. With a little work it would be great!
  11. SuziQ991

    Craiglist find - coop for sale St. Louis

    Found this on Craigslist today....thought someone might be interested
  12. SuziQ991

    When to put Momma hen back with her flock?

    My hen hatched 4 chicks. They are 16 days old and doing very well. My question is....when does momma go back to her flock? Should I wait until I know she is done with them? I have them in a rather large brooder so that is not a problem. I just thought she would be happier back in her coop...
  13. SuziQ991

    Hatch due Monday-couple of questions

    This is my first time incubating. I bought 20 beautiful eggs from a fellow byc'er and she was so kind as to mark each egg to identify them. Hmmm how do I keep this straight when they are hatching? I thought about writing down where each egg is located in the incubator and watching when they...
  14. SuziQ991

    Getting my garden shed tomorrow!

    So I started last August with 5 new chicks and my DH built me a great 8x4 chicken coop. So what happened you ask? I got addicted to chickens and BYC, thats what happened. My BLRW hen went broody so I bought 8 fertile eggs from a local woman. Then I bought an incubator and put another 20 in...
  15. SuziQ991

    I'm starting tomorrow please make sure I have it right

    Ok I am setting my eggs tomorrow. I have a hovabator with a turner and fan. The temp should be 99.5-100? I have seen so many different opinions on humidity. What should it be? And what should it be at lockdown? I am thinking of putting them in an egg carton in lockdown? Any opinions? Can...
  16. SuziQ991

    broody, should I? when? how?

    Ok, I am on here day and night and I read about everyone and their broody's. I have been so jealous! Well today my BLRW stayed on her nest all day and is in there tonight. OMG I am so excited! I know it is only one (half) day ....but still. So I know I want chicks and I know which kind I...
  17. SuziQ991

    random pics on a spring day (pic heavy)

    Hi all! I took some random pics today while feeding all the animals. Ignore the date on the pics, I could never set that right LOL. Girls eating dinner(RIR girls was roo's favorites....he is gone now) Tucker and Tora Foxtrotter and Paso Fino Riley Pics of our lake
  18. SuziQ991

    Final straw for my roo

    I have been so good to him. I nursed him for a month and a half when he hurt his foot. He lived in my dining room all that time for goodness sakes. I hand fed him. He has 5 beautiful girls and a very nice coop and extra large run. I keep everything clean. I bring treats everyday. What...
  19. SuziQ991

    Awesome cheap coop find for someone in TN

    I just found this....wish I was in TN. Looks good and cheap!
  20. SuziQ991

    found javas for sale on craigslist in troy mo

    I just saw this on Craigslist and thought someone might be interested. These are not my birds
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