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  1. Spud Chicken

    Is 2 week old chick trying to crow

    In Oct. only one Blue Orpington chick hatched. Yesterday I was holding the chick, and it does all the motions of a rooster crowing but no sound. At this post the chick is 16 days old and was wondering if this chick might be rooster.
  2. Spud Chicken

    Dried afterbirth on day old chick

    I have a chick that hatched yesterday and there is a clump of afterbirth dried on it head. I've tried soaking it but it won't come off. Any thoughts on how to get it off or should it be left alone. It is not obstructing anything on the chicks head. It sort of looks like the chick is wearing...
  3. Spud Chicken

    Winter Wonder Land

    Well its the first week of Oct. and already got the first snow.
  4. Spud Chicken

    A rooster that wont quit

    so our rooster has finally figured out how to crow, and not sound like a teenage boy... the problem is however that now he wont stop! at first it was a few times a day and now, he is crowing several times an hour! any thoughts on why or how to make it stop. we would hate to send him to "freezer...
  5. Spud Chicken

    RIR 10 weeks old cant figure out gender

    I am new to raising chickens. He/She is 10 weeks old, as a chick it was a little but not much compared to the other RIR. If it helps it had chipmunk stripes when a chick.
  6. Spud Chicken

    Pullet or Cockerel RIR

    Hi this is my first time raising chickens, is this a pullet or cockerel. He/She is about 10 weeks old. Any help would be great.
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