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  1. City Chicken Lady

    Sweet turned mean hen

    I have four hens that have been together for a year. They are a year old this month. They are mixed Rhode Island Red and supposedly Ameraucana. My favorite one has started pecking me. I don't know what happened to change her personality. Is there a cure? By the way, she is not the boss of the...
  2. City Chicken Lady

    Chickens awake at night

    I noticed about a week ago in the wee hours of the morning that at least two hens were out in the run attached to the chicken tractor run. We have had some warm weather lately and a full moon. The coop part of the tractor is big enough for five hens, I think. I also have one hen that is at the...
  3. City Chicken Lady

    Easter Eggers

    What exactly is an EE? I think I read that it isn't a particular breed but is it certain breeds mixed together? The more pictures I see of EE's the more I think my RIR/Americauna looks more like an EE than anything else. I'm finding the EE thread interesting but didn't see an answer to my...
  4. City Chicken Lady

    Calendar Photos

    Can "new eggs" enter photos for the calendar and, if so, how do you do that?
  5. City Chicken Lady


    What are the meanings of names like "new egg" and "out of the brooder" (I guess I'm a "new egg".) What is the next "level" and when do you get there?
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