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  1. ChickenNewbie2020

    Broody hen with chicks about to hatch

    We discovered one of our hens was broody. She now has 5 eggs under her and will likely hatch some next week. As I am new to this I don’t know what to do. We have 2 other hens and a rooster (who is not nice) Once the chicks hatch do we have to take mama and babies out of the coop and raise...
  2. ChickenNewbie2020

    Sprain/broken Toe

    So yesterday I posted about my hen being attacked my a fox. His lost a lot of butt feathers and got punctured. She seems to be healing up fine. Cleaned it up a bit and checking on it regularly to see if it gets infected. NOW this morning I noticed she is limping. Doesn’t like to put too much...
  3. ChickenNewbie2020

    Fox attack, hen injured

    So one of our free roaming chicks almost got caught by a fox. Luckily we were there to scare it off. But now our girl has a wound. What do we do? Does she need to be separated from the rest? Does she need ointment or something. this is our first time raising chickens and the first injury...
  4. ChickenNewbie2020

    Rhode Island Reds Roosters???

    We recently got 8 chicks, 4 golden comets which we knew were hens and 4 RI Reds which we didn’t know what they were. Now they are approx 3 months and we fear we now have 4 roosters. Can you help us tell if they are roosters or hens?
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