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  1. klmclain1

    frozen feet? please help

    Do a search for swollen feet on this site. I doubt they're "frozen". There are other things that can cause this.
  2. klmclain1

    Most effective way to treat leg mites? And also the quickest?

    You can kill the mites...but the scales have to shed and regrow to be flat again. That's not going to happen in two weeks. At this point, I would hope your goal is to kill the mites (dip the legs in oil to smother the buggers) and make the chicken's comfortable.
  3. klmclain1

    Heat Stroke or Something Else?

    Have you wormed them recently? I really don't know where to tell you to start except to look for parasites, or related symptoms. That's usually my starting point.
  4. klmclain1

    Heat Stroke or Something Else?

    Are you SURE it's from the heat? My girls have been tolerating repeated days over 100. I do have some bushes and they hang out in the shade of those, but no overheating issues. I'd be checking for something else.... so sorry.
  5. klmclain1

    Black Astrolorps

    I have 4 BAs and 3 white leghorns. The BAs are so docile that they will sit there and LET the WLs pick their feathers. 3 of my 4 BAs have bald necks and one a bald chest. We've started segregating them a night (when they're normally in close quarters) because I think the majority of the...
  6. klmclain1

    hen's face is swollen, help! *pictures included*

    My first thought was that she had ticks too, but they fell off after feeding. At this point, if I were you, I would watch closely for any other symptoms and in the meantime see if the swelling goes down. You might want to find a dust for ticks and dust your chickens and their coop. Just like...
  7. klmclain1

    Foot is puffed up don't know what to do?!

    Hmmm..from that last picture, it sure looks like there are still kernels in there. If you gently pinch it between your thumb and forefinger..and feel a bump or two, you'll need to go back in. This time from the top.
  8. klmclain1

    Chick with crooked neck

    I believe (if you do a search here using keyword like chick and crooked neck) this may be a vitamin deficiency. Give it polyvisol drops without iron. But do the search first, I've not had the issue - it just seems to me that I've seen this in the past.
  9. klmclain1

    swollen lump on head

    X2...and right away!
  10. klmclain1

    Foot is puffed up don't know what to do?!

    How long will you be gone? It can probably wait a short while, but not too long. And as for cutting and pushing everything out... that swelling between the probably should be cut from the top. My girl had a big X across the bottom of her foot, and slits on the top between the toes...
  11. klmclain1

    Wound or something wrong with hen's head and she's ADR

    I wonder if she's older than you think??? Mix some of her regular feed with some canned cat food. If you can separate her for awhile, do so and give her nothing but pedialyte to drink for a few days. Get some polyvisol without iron and put that in her pedialyte/water too. She's got a nice...
  12. klmclain1

    Chick w/ Cyst? Tumor? I have no idea!

    Could it just be a small abcess? Maybe a splinter got in there or something. I'm pretty agressive, but I would sterilize a needle and poke it if it's soft and squishy. See what you can get out and put a little neosporin or blukote on it.
  13. klmclain1

    Lice AGAIN, please help!

    If I were you.......... I would buy LIQUID Sevin, put it in a sprayer (diluted according to directions). Completely clean out your coop of all bedding - being sure to DISPOSE of the bedding - like in a plastic bag and off it goes with the garbage. Then spray the daylights out of the entire...
  14. klmclain1

    Need Help!! My older chick got stepped on by my pony!!

    First, if you have blukote, I would spray it just for good measure. THEN, dissolve an aspirin in her drinking water. It will help with pain. Keep her in a quiet place for a day or two. She's probably in shock.
  15. klmclain1

    Bumblefoot? Tried clearing it to no avail. Need help.

    The black spot is not the plug. It's basically just the scab. The "plug" can be many "plugs" or kernels. If you press her foot between your thumb and forefinger repeatedly, you should feel a lump or several lumps. These are the plugs. You need to cut directly into her foot with a scalple or...
  16. klmclain1

    bumblefoot not healing well

    I'm not sure I totally understand exactly what steps you've taken along the way. So bear with me if I say something you've already done. Also, I haven't tried the above mentioned method of treatment so you'll have to decide if that's the route you want to go or not. But here's my two-cents...
  17. klmclain1

    Hen is dangerously overweight. Help!

    Well said CMV. I choose to not eat my chickens - although I am not a vegetarian. HOWEVER, although it hurts ME, I refuse to allow any of my animals - dogs, cats, gerbils, chickens, etc - to suffer. When they are in pain and suffering, I put on my big girl panties and help them out of their...
  18. klmclain1


    Poor you!!!! Wow.. that's awful. She will be in shock for a while - maybe a day or two. She needs to be put into a quiet, dark, safe environment - like a dog kennel - with a blanket over it. Make sure she has a water supply - preferably with vitamins like poly-vi-sol WITHOUT iron, and some...
  19. klmclain1

    OMG I killed her Omg omg *update on the extent of Munchies wound

    First.... you did your best. Most of us are doing the best we can with what little expertise we have...and I mean little. She knows what was in your heart, and if you believe in God and Heaven, then you know she's ok now. Mistakes happen. We learn from them and move on. Next time you will...
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