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  1. Stepnout

    Oyster shells

    Congratulations on the first egg! Always excitin.
  2. Stepnout


    Well I’m a little late but the my garlic dried nicely and we’ve been using it Mmm! I shared a bit with family and friends and no doubt will share more. I’ll be storing it and picking out my seed for October after I see how it performs while in storage. I’ve included a couple of pictures. The...
  3. Stepnout

    Red wattles on 3 week old pekins

    Pictures are worth a thousand words.
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    Mine articles plants are drying nicely, I see the beautiful lush pink and purple shades developing. I have a good variety of sizes some very large bulbs (I assume with my limited experience). On average the bulbs have 4-7 cloves as. Described by most suppliers. I’ll update after another week...
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    Congratulations! What type did you plant?
  6. Stepnout


    Wow great, did you take any pictures? My bulbs I planted last fall had a blush pinkish purplish color. I assume the color will come when they dry?
  7. Stepnout


    Sorry to hear about the bad weather, a crazy year indeed. I am from eastern Canada, I have friends in N/W Iowa, been pheasant hunting there 5 times beautiful place. I hope the corn harvest goes well. Cheers
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    Well even though the tips of my garlic leaves yellowed earlier in the season I’m very happy with the bar so far. Some of you may remember I planted over 100 cloves of the hard neck porcelain MUSIC variety. We have had a miserable summer started with very hot and dry then cold and dry then over 9...
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    I really hate raccoons.
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    I use these DOG PROOF TRAPS! Put corn or dry dog food in the bottom under the trigger. Make sure you stake it down. Put a white golf ball over the trap,it helps you see/check the trap from a distance. I highly recommend you buy the set tool because the spring is strong while setting with the set...
  11. Stepnout

    Generator Help

    I would not rely on surge protection alone to save sensitive electronic equipment. Sadly INVERTER equipped generators are much more expensive. Here is a quote from the province of British Columbia Hydro “Installing a surge suppressor or an uninterruptible power supply (with surge suppression)...
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    Hello, I noticed a week or 2 ago my first egg of the day was as laid just seconds before I checked the nest box. The egg as always was large but nothing out of the ordinary. I set the egg on the step while I continued a few garden chores. After the egg cooled down I couldn’t help but notice the...
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    My other mild obsession: watercolor

    They are beautiful! You need to sign and date them! Even if you don’t want to sell them. They are beautiful and someday who ever receives them be thankful! Have you ever had a professional art dealer give you an opinion?
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    Red shoulder patches make me think cockerel. It’s very hard to see the legs but in the few pictures we can see the feet and legs they look large and thick making me think cockerel as well.
  15. Stepnout

    5 or 6 week old Olive Egger gender help!

    5-6 weeks looks like a cockerel! Other more knowledgeable people will give a better idea
  16. Stepnout


    Get a pellet rifle! You can kill squirrels and any other rodents that show up. Last fall I had a rat show up because I had such a big garden. He was feeding on dropped to tomatoes and left over sweet corn. He found his way to my chicken tractor. It took only 2 trips at night with a flashlight to...
  17. Stepnout

    Garlic Leaves Turning Yellow?

    Looking closely at my report I see my soil in both gardens show .5 and .6 ppm of Boron. The research I've done points to yellowing of the tips of plant leaves and hollow heart in Turnips, rutabaga's and beets. I frequently have hollow heart in my rutabagas. Some of the university extensions in...
  18. Stepnout

    Garlic Leaves Turning Yellow?

    Yes I see the other high numbers but I thing that is just the way the soil is here. The P is likely from the manure I’ve used over the years. I believe the high calcium is the result of the lime i seed over the years to bring the PH up it is 20% calcium...
  19. Stepnout

    Garlic Leaves Turning Yellow?

    Yes I had a soil test last year. I have 2 good size gardens. The one in question has been used for many years. I have amended my soil with manure, leaves, grass, wood chips, for over 39years. Not every year of course. Loom at the attached test results and you can see the garden noted as House is...
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