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  1. cutlass1972

    can someone tell me where I can send my eggs to get the nutritional information?

    I would like to have the nutritional breakdown of my eggs. Can someone point me in the direction of some organization that can perform this analysis for me?
  2. cutlass1972

    How weird is it that my muskovy has started laying her eggs in my chicken coop?

    This morning I went out and threw some cat food around as treats for the chickens and poured some feed in a dish for the remaining 2 Muscovy ducks that have managed to survive loose around my house. I then went to open the chicken coop to let the chickens out. I watched in disbelief as one of...
  3. cutlass1972

    I ordered 10 black runner ducks from ideal and got an extra 11 chicks

    Any idea what breed they might be? Are they more than likely all males?
  4. cutlass1972

    Anyone ever heard of muskrats killing ducks?g on the mank of my pond

    I had one of my Muscovys go missing this afternoon. I went looking for her only to find a wing covering a muskrat hole. When I went to get the wing I find that it is not just a wing, but most of the bird pulled down into the hole. everything from her crop to her skull was stripped to the bone...
  5. cutlass1972

    youg muscovy duck sits a lot?

    We recently acquired 4 Muscovy ducks to keep our back runner duck company. We have noticed that one of them sits a lot. She doesnt appear to be in pain but it is like she cannot stand for long. She waddles around with the reset of the ducks but every time they all stop she sits down. When the...
  6. cutlass1972

    IS there a way to fix blood spots?

    A lot of our egg buyers keep Kosher, so they will not eat an egg with a blood spot. Is there a way to prevent getting blood spots in our eggs? I have read that applying a little fish oil and vitamin A to some mash can clear this up? Can anyone speak from experience in this arena?
  7. cutlass1972

    What is a typical percenatage of shipped egg hatch rate?

    I bought my first fertile eggs from a BYC auction. They came in Packaged BEAUTIFULLY. I had my incubator tuned in perfectly before the eggs got here and even bought an egg turner this time around. Yet I still only got 5 chicks out of 14 eggs. I have success fully hatched out some of my own...
  8. cutlass1972

    take the eggs from the incubator and stick them under the broody hen?

    I had a hen go broody, so I bought some eggs from a local egg seller (lost my rooster so I needed fertile eggs). Her brood is at day 25 at this point so I dont think they are going to hatch. I have a brood of merans eggs in my brooder (that I paid $50 for). I know they are viable. The eggs in...
  9. cutlass1972

    I know what it is, do you?

    I would never guess what mix this bird is if I did not watch it come out of its egg, I want to see if anyone else can. Whomever guesses the gender and breed mixture of this bird gets and E-cookie. Some "givens" 1. it comes from 2 pure pred birds 2. it is the same age as the others behind it...
  10. cutlass1972

    2 part question about sneaking some extra chicks in for a hen to brood

    I have a hen that went broody, so I stopped by a neighbors house and bought a dozen fertile eggs to put under her yesterday. 1. I am interested in acquiring some marans eggs for hatching. If I get the marans eggs right now and hatch them in my incubator, will my hen accept them? I suspect they...
  11. cutlass1972

    my first incubator experience, 2 out of 9 have hatched, 4 pipped

    the 4 that have pipped did so 3 hours ago and haven't progressed, are the ones that pipped and didn't come out dead?
  12. cutlass1972

    should I cull the entire flock in late winter and start fresh?

    This is my second year raising chickens. My first year was bumpy but educational and fairly productive. My flock got hit pretty hard last winter with something pretty nasty that sounds like MG (swollen faces, discharge in eyes, coughing, wheezing, etc..). I took one poor hen to my local AG...
  13. cutlass1972

    tip of hens beak curving up

    I just noticed it yesterday, I am positive it is new. Just the tip of her beak is starting to curve up. What causes this?
  14. cutlass1972

    I have a couple of hens I am unsure of breed, can you ID?

    I took in a couple of hens from someone that where pretty neglected. I nursed them back to healthy. I woul dlike to know if anyone can ID their breed? One of these birds is laying a light teal green egg, I would like to know which one it is? here is the first one. here is the second one
  15. cutlass1972

    Light brahma, roo or pullet?

    The batch I bought is supposed to be all pullets, however I have one light brahma that is substantially bigger and different looking than all its siblings. I do not see any saddle feathers but her tail feathers seem to be getting long. So, is she a he, or is she just a big long legged gangly...
  16. cutlass1972

    Anyone ever had a racist roo?

    No, I am not joking. I have a pretty diversified flock (naked necks, buff orps, black alstralorps, welsumers, light brahmas, etc). I recently bought some more pullets from a reliable source and have begun ingratiating them into my existing flock. In this group of pullets I received a VERY well...
  17. cutlass1972

    Terrible Massacre.... Why? Graphic details with possible graphic pics.

    I will preface this by informing you that about a week ago we introduced 21 new hens into our flock of 14. We raised the new hens in a big brrode until they where old enough then we moved them into a chicken tractor I built just for a hospital / separation / brooding coop. they where 18 weeks...
  18. cutlass1972

    Anyone ever have a hen that comes when you call her?

    I have been raising chickens for a bit over a year now and have 40 hens at this point. I have some that will come around for treats, I have even had some that would hop up in your lap when you sit down, but none of them ever really like to be picked up. I have one naked neck that will follow me...
  19. cutlass1972

    let mom brood them, started hatchin friday (day 20)

    they hatched out one by one starting friday all the way through last night. Still one egg that has pipped but seems to have quit zipping almost a day ago. one more egg no signs of pipping (today is day 22) My question is are they dead? Is it time to remove them? I would think the one that...
  20. cutlass1972

    so my hen has brooded some eggs and they have hatched!

    My question is do you more experienced chicken people think they can all live in the nest box for a while? Let me add that this nest box is pretty humongous. It is about 26" wide, 32" deep and tapers from the entrance 20" to the back 12". I have a 10" tall "thresh hold" at the entrance of the...
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