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  1. mickeymushroom

    Things I have learned .... the hard way

    First, chickens die. I used to cry but I understand they are birds and are very sensitive to the environment. I do not name them anymore that happened after my first flock. The best way to determine if you are doing everything right is watch, smell look. If it smells bad... like the coop...
  2. mickeymushroom

    Easy Peasy Nest box Maint.

    Are you ready for this? Simply cut up cardboard boxes to fit the bottom of the nest boxes (i often make them a little big to go up the sides a bit.) fill with shavings. To clean... pop them out and replace or flip them if they aren't too dirty or wet....refill shavings.....toss out cardboard...
  3. mickeymushroom

    want to hatch a companion

    Hello friends! I have not been on forum for a few years as I read the magazine cover to cover, however, now, I need help. I own chickens and two one year old Embden geese. One was put to sleep yesterday so thinking the other needs a companion. Anyone have luck sneaking a fertile egg under a...
  4. mickeymushroom

    Hello Fellow Aviators!

    I have been a member for several years, yet I have not been on this site for a while. I have a few questions to post, but I will take minute to introduce myself. I have 5 acres all fenced in with two coops. One 10x8 delivered from the Amish unpainted. Which is adorned in yellow with a brown roof...
  5. mickeymushroom

    maturation rates

    i notice that my 5 day old Rhodies have feathered out but the new hampshire reds and Light Brahmas are slower to develop wing feathers... is it because larger breeds develop slower?
  6. mickeymushroom

    Ballston lake/ Malta NY

    Anyone know if i need a permit to build a coop.. or even if i am allowed?...hum...already possibly living in sin...but i'll take my chances..
  7. mickeymushroom

    Hello from Saratoga NY!!

    Newbee here! Chicks just landed in my back yard yesterday and looking forward to learning a lot from all those who have experience! Happy to meet you all! . "Mickey"
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