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  1. Stepnout


    Well even though the tips of my garlic leaves yellowed earlier in the season I’m very happy with the bar so far. Some of you may remember I planted over 100 cloves of the hard neck porcelain MUSIC variety. We have had a miserable summer started with very hot and dry then cold and dry then over 9...
  2. Stepnout


    Hello, I noticed a week or 2 ago my first egg of the day was as laid just seconds before I checked the nest box. The egg as always was large but nothing out of the ordinary. I set the egg on the step while I continued a few garden chores. After the egg cooled down I couldn’t help but notice the...
  3. Stepnout

    Garlic Leaves Turning Yellow?

    I posted earlier this spring about growing garlic for the first time. It seems to me something is not quite right with my Hard Neck Porcelain Music garlic. The leaves are starting to yellow, see the pictures bellow. It is no where close to being time to harvest where I live and the garlic have...
  4. Stepnout


    Hello everyone I’ve been gardening for 39 years if you don’t count the carrot, radishes and potatoes peels I planted when I was 6 lol. In October 2020 I planted my first crop of garlic. I planted a Hard Neck variety called Porcelain Music. Being a Hard Neck variety it must be planted in the fall...
  5. Stepnout

    Somebody Is Laying Big Eggs.

    Three time now one of my pullets have laid big double yolks.
  6. Stepnout


    Red Sex Links and Azure Blues. Filled the box yesterday! Hopefully 4 more today!
  7. Stepnout


    I was watching my hens through the kitchen window last evening while talking on the phone. It was VERY windy, the hens paid little attention to the deer walking by. Thirty seconds later the hens went into full alarm screaming necks all stretched out well they are free ranging in a portable 42...
  8. Stepnout


    Just a little ROOSTER humour! Enjoy.
  9. Stepnout

    Azure Blues First Egg!

    First egg from my 19 week old Azure Blue.
  10. Stepnout

    Raising High Production Layers With No Light?

    Due to COVID-19 no egg layers were available until two weeks ago August 22/20. I pickup a few Red Sexlinks and Azure Blues. They were 16 weeks so now they are 18 weeks. Some of their wattles are turning red some are a bit slower as expected. I am not sure whether or not I am going to add...
  11. Stepnout


    Hello again as in my post I have 6 new pullets 16 weeks old. Their lower beak seems to be growing past their upper beak. At first I thought they may have had their beaks clipped at the hatchery. But now under closer examination I’m thinking they just haven’t been outside and had an opportunity...
  12. Stepnout


    This past Saturday I purchased 6 new pullets 16 weeks old. Two production Reds and 4 Azure Blues. One of the production Reds has some brown scales. This is only my second time have chickens and I’ve never seen scaley mites. Please have a look at the pictures and let me know what you think. I’ve...
  13. Stepnout

    Azure Blue Hen

    Well after supporting the local feed store for the last 3 years. I’ve purchased my layer feed, lawn and clover seed, lawn and garden fertilizer, vegetable seeds and electric fence materials. I wasn’t too happy this spring. I went in twice in February asking to have my name put on the list fir...
  14. Stepnout

    Recognized purebred americana or not?

    I see countless posts regarding Easter Eggers or Americanas. Is there a recognized body that tracks blood lines of pure Americana chickens. The type of governing body I am asking about would be similar to CKC or ACK The governing body for dogs. I would suggest a pure americana chicken without...
  15. Stepnout

    Finally Got A Little Help In The Garden

    :weeThe best helpers a fellow could ask for! I tried for years to get my wife and daughter to help in the garden. Finally a little help showed up.:ya They work dirt cheap and never complained once.
  16. Stepnout

    Rough Misshapen Egg, Runny Whites

    Well One of my (just under a year) 5 pullets has been laying Rough Misshapen Eggs with Runny Whites. It’s been going on for 3 weeks or more. They’ve laid all winter on a quite regular basis. I’ve fed them 19% layer feed since the fall, they have oyster shells, grit everyday or two they get 1/2...
  17. Stepnout

    First Experience A Broody 10 Month Old Pullet

    My barnyard mix Australop has gone broody today. I noticed these past 2 weeks she has become cranky with her flock sisters. I went to the coop 3 times and she was in the nest box each time. I put gloves on and took the eggs, of course she got nasty pecking and telling me off. I put her out in...
  18. Stepnout

    Can Coloured Eggs chage Colour?

    As some of you know I am new to chickens this year. I have 5 barnyard mixed pullets, I think they’re great. They have given us many coloured eggs. My first egg was brown, the second was green, the third was olive. I assumed because of cold and shorter days my green egg layer stopped laying. Is...
  19. Stepnout

    A New First!

    well it’s been a very busy few months. Big Refinery shut down with way too much OT. Going to work in the dark and arriving home in the dark. Our 5 hens have been giving 1-3 eggs per day. We have a green layer that stopped for a bit and another younger hen that never started. My beautiful wife...
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