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  1. peeplessinNC

    Calling all quick bread recipes using self-rising flour

    Recently bought a 10# bag of self-rising flour and need your favorite recipes for sweet quick breads, muffins, coffee cake, etc. that use s-r flour. If you are a fan of easy baking with this flour as I am, please pass along your tried and true recipes. Thanks a bunch!
  2. peeplessinNC

    Raising time of the year?

    Don't know if I have seen this topic addressed here but I thought I would ask anyway. What time of year do you think is best for ordering and growing out baby chicks? Fall? Late winter - Feb. and March? Spring? Early summer? While looking on the Meyer Hatchery I noticed that many breeds of...
  3. peeplessinNC

    Coop Index Page.....where are the other coops?

    On my coop index page, I only have small coops, tractors, and brooders. Where are the medium coops and large coops now?
  4. peeplessinNC

    Dogs vs. Chickens question

    Having read here so often about dog attacks on chickens I began to wonder what (if anything) would happen if neighbor dogs couldn't see the chickens. What I mean is, if there was a covering around the chicken run fence like wood or even awning fabric, tin or any other material that did not allow...
  5. peeplessinNC

    Close encounter with fuzzy butts!

    Yesterday at our small local farmers' market I got to get up close and personal with some sweet baby chicks! A lovely young woman had a large container of about 15 baby chicks, bantam white leghorns and RIR/bantam leghorn cross. I held the tiniest chick for several minutes and it fell asleep in...
  6. peeplessinNC

    anyone have an easy way to pickle jalapenos?

    A few years ago I pickled some hot banana peppers for a friend, but I've sort of forgotten what I did. Any help? Thanks!
  7. peeplessinNC

    Brown egg color washes off???

    Yesterday at a local farmers' market, I heard a young girl (age 13 or so) tell a customer that the brown color was put on the egg by the chicken as it was laid and that the color could be washed/rubbed off. There was no mention of the chicken's ear colors determining the egg color. This teen...
  8. peeplessinNC

    Hen hatched chicks....questions

    As I've been reading about your eggs "piping and zipping" in your incubators I had a thought about Mother Nature's way of hatching chicks: as the chicks start to pip under the hen, does she move off the nest to give them room to start breaking out of the shell or does she stay on the nest to...
  9. peeplessinNC

    New (to me) bread recipe to share!

    A few weeks ago I found this recipe posted on another forum. It is very good, really easy and makes 3 or 4 loaves at a time depending on the size pan used. Last night I got 5 (foil loaf pan) smallish loaves from it. This bread sold well for me last Saturday at a small farmers' market near me...
  10. peeplessinNC

    Just my luck.....

    Today I drove over an hour to visit my younger son and see the remodeled home he is renting. The brick house is great - 3 bedrooms (one is pretty small), a large bathroom, living room new kitchen with eating area, basement, hardwood floors, nice yard with pecan tree, nice back yard, two car...
  11. peeplessinNC

    White breeds?

    This might sound like a silly question, but here goes: do white chickens look dirty a lot of the time or do they somehow manage to stay mostly white and clean looking? Do the white breeds require some cleaning from time to time, if so, how do you clean them? Or do they keep themselves clean...
  12. peeplessinNC

    Playhouse coop, maximum size?

    There are a number of playhouse coops on here that look very functional, but I'm wondering how big you could make the coop/hen house, run not included. If you made the coop 8'x8' or 8'x6' would you need additional supports (stilts) in the middle of the floor or would four supports, one in each...
  13. peeplessinNC

    Tried Chopped Apple Bread today - pics!

    This was a fun recipe to make - kind of messy, but different and very tasty! Next time I might make it in a 9"x13" pan as a coffee cake and put icing on it. The only change I made was to use 3 TB butter instead of the shortening. CHOPPED APPLE BREAD Yield: 2 medium loaves; 12 servings About 6...
  14. peeplessinNC

    Emergency pantry items?

    The weather in much of the USA has been pretty horrid lately and more of the same is in the forecast. Here in North Carolina today it is unseasonably warm the last few days, but we've had temps drop dramatically too. We are known for having ice storms in the winter - not large amounts of snow...
  15. peeplessinNC

    Arthritis in older dogs?

    Yesterday I asked one of the vets at my animal hospital to look at my miniature poodle's back legs and hind quarters for any indication of "change." Andy is over ten years old and I think his back legs have bowed a little and his rear has spread in the last year. She tested the extension of his...
  16. peeplessinNC

    Learning a lot = some confusion

    For the past several months I have been reading a lot of the posts here and I have learned so much - sometimes I even know the answer to a newbie's question, but I don't reply because I don't have any chickens yet. But all this new information has changed my outlook on raising chickens and how...
  17. peeplessinNC

    The Day After - a tribute in song

    For those of you who raise turkeys and a tribute from all of us who *ate* turkey yesterday (and the leftovers today): OK now, everybody sing along...(to the tune of Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive') At first I was an egg, I was petrified Kept thinking I'd be lost or I'd get cracked or fried...
  18. peeplessinNC

    Chicken Run, the movie

    Last night I saw Chicken Run for the first time! What a hoot! I loved the subtle and not so subtle references to other movies and the characters personalities. I'm surprised there was no Sgt. Klink or other reference to Hogan's Heroes - maybe that was before the directors' time? The Special...
  19. peeplessinNC

    Moderators! Need help with log-in and pass

    Can someone please help me change my password? I tried using the password given to me when I registered last week and the system is not recognizing it. I cannot log in from my home computer. Thanks!
  20. peeplessinNC

    Custom baby and lap quilts - North Carolina - will ship!

    Hello! I recently joined BYC and just found this area of the index. I have made quilts for my customers for the past ten years. Please contact me if you are interested in a custom made quilt. You can view my Etsy shop here: Here is a baby girl's...
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