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  1. Chiknsrcool

    Misshapen eggs

    I found this egg in the coop today and there was another one similar to it yesterday. could it be a symptom of vent gleet because one of the brown egg laying chickens might have vent gleet. we only have two brown egg layers for sure and one is a silkie so it isn’t hers because hers are much...
  2. Chiknsrcool

    vent gleet?

    I’m worried my hen Henny Penny is suffering from vent gleet. Overall she seems fine, she is foraging and eating and drinking and energetic but her bottom isn’t fluffy like the other hens and her feathers look kind of wet an I can see a lot of skin. It isn’t red or anything and there isn’t any...
  3. Chiknsrcool

    stressed hen in quarantine!!

    i’ve had to put a hen in quarantine because I think she has vent gleet but she is pacing around the cage and crying! is there anything I can do to help her calm down?
  4. Chiknsrcool

    Dead Hen

    I had my hen with me and inside and I danced around with her and all of a sudden she became so lethargic she couldn’t stand and she wouldn’t eat her mealworms and she died the next morning. It was extremely sudden because she was perfectly fine and clucking and walking around like normal just 5...
  5. Chiknsrcool

    R.I.P Cluck

    R.I.P Cluck
  6. Chiknsrcool

    Sick hen?

    So I was with my 10 month old Ameraucana and I kind of danced around with her while holding her in the air. I then brought her to eat some mealworms because I felt bad for dancing around with her. She wouldn’t eat any but she took one and just held it in her beak and she also won’t stand so I...
  7. Chiknsrcool

    Scaly Leg Mites?

    So minky was upside down against the feeder he was fine but I was examining the pictures I took of him and I was wondering what those scabs on his feet are? I have heard of scaly leg mites but I haven’t done much research and I know it would be more difficult to cure him since he has feathered feet.
  8. Chiknsrcool

    Antique Brass Telephone

    I was trying to clean this antique telephone with brasso and a toothbrush but it started to turn pink! I read online that I have rubbed the zinc off and I was wondering if there is any way to fix it?
  9. Chiknsrcool

    Molting or mating damage or mites?

    These are pictures from a family friends chickens who have lost some feathers. What could it be?
  10. Chiknsrcool

    Chicken sneezing and gasping

    My silkie rooster minky has been sneezing and gasping for 2 days now but he doesn’t seem to be really struggling. He is currently in quarantine because he was attacked by a hawk. The medicines we have used are blu kote, vetrx, and neosporin for his wounds. He has also been picking at his wound...
  11. Chiknsrcool

    Attacked Rooster

    My little silkie rooster was attacked by some animal and I was wondering what it could be. When I went outside he was manically running along the fence and rubbing his side on the ground. The other five chickens were stuffed into a bush. When I walked over I saw that much of his head feathers...
  12. Chiknsrcool

    Is my rooster dying?!

    My rooster has foam in one of his eyes and it is swollen and someone said it might be mg and I don’t know what to do I really don’t want him to die!!!!!! His eating and pooping is normal but he Shakespeare little when he breathes. I took his crow collar off and foam came out of his mouth, if it...
  13. Chiknsrcool

    Frothy eye

    My rooster minky has froth in one of his eyes is he sick?
  14. Chiknsrcool

    Weird bumps on Gertie

    My hen gertie has a weird bump on her face and foot. The one on her face came a few weeks ago and it’s getting bigger. At first I thought it was dirt and I tried to gently wash it off but it fell off and started bleeding. That was about two weeks ago and I cleaned it and put neosporin on it. We...
  15. Chiknsrcool

    Fridge egg

    Hi I was wondering if I had put a fertilized egg in the fridge for a couple hours and then decided to give it back to my broody silkie is the egg stile fertile?
  16. Chiknsrcool

    How many?

    I was wondering if it is ok to put just one egg under a broody hen? I have never hatched eggs before but I was just wondering.
  17. Chiknsrcool

    Chicken vomiting water

    Today when my mom picked up our hen, Chip, some watery clear liquid came out of her beak. I was wondering if she is sick because she doesn’t seem lethargic and she is eating fine. She had just eaten a bunch of mealworms so it might have something to do with that. This was taken right after it...
  18. Chiknsrcool

    Broken beak

    Our chicken Henny Penny has a broken beak and we don’t know what to do! She will not eat meal worms or grapes which are both her favorite foods and she will only gently peck at them. The only thing she will eat is yogurt and she won’t touch the mashed up feed. She seems to be in pain but we...
  19. Chiknsrcool

    Silkie chicken

    We have what is supposed to be a silkie chicken named minky but she has grown this bump on her face and she has started to make loud sounds that aren’t really crowing so much as loud talking. We don’t know if she may be a rooster but if not then what is the bump on her face?
  20. Chiknsrcool


    Today was very hot and we put electrolytes in the chickens water and the packet said it was for a gallon of water but we only have six small chickens so a gallon is way too much for them so instead we put a small amount from the packet. I was wondering if anyone else does this?
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