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  1. PhlyinPheBee


    my RSL that is 28 weeks old finally is laying eggs!!!!!! So much for her reading the book that said she sould have started several weeks ago!!
  2. PhlyinPheBee

    Cooking birds

    Can you cook a bird that was butchered this past Saturday without freezing it first??
  3. PhlyinPheBee

    Sad Rooster loss

    I loss my Auracana Roo. His pic is my avatar. I just loved his rumpless self. I think it was an hawk. I cannot explain all the feathers outside the yard otherwise. I just cannot believe this happened. I am going to put fishing line over the yard with flagging tape on it. I hope that this...
  4. PhlyinPheBee

    Just butchered 3 roo'ss--I now have ???'s

    Can I cut up the chicken for the soaking part in the fridge??
  5. PhlyinPheBee

    Are 22 week old cochin crosses to old for eating???

    I have 3 cochin roo's that were to have been pullets. I butchered my other roo's a few weeks ago and did not know these were roo's. Are they to old??
  6. PhlyinPheBee

    Hen not laying eggs

    My mom has a 1.5 year old D'Uucle that has not laid eggs in months. Not even real sure if she has ever. They used to have 2 banties and eggs were being hidden. Now they have moved and there is no hiding places and "Millie" has not laid. Any ideas on a hen never laying. She is not a roo, no...
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    I have 3 6 month old cochin mixes. They will spar sometimes. Going on saddle feathers I did have to cull the 4 one because it was a roo. Do pullets spar???
  8. PhlyinPheBee

    Cochin Mix Genders

    Here is a pic of 2 of my 6 month old cochin mixes. I was wondering what is there gender.
  9. PhlyinPheBee

    Ok---i just need to vent!!!!

    I bought so called "Araucanas" this past May. They were to have been 6 pullets and 1 roo. WELL I got 6 roo's and 1 pullet. I kept the only Araucana roo, rumpless, and the only pullet. She is now laying BROWN eggs. Banty size to boot. They were to have been LF!!!!! I did get my $$ back but...
  10. PhlyinPheBee

    Mold in feed!!!!!

    Yesterday I went to TC like I always do for my chicken feed. I got 2 bags of Layena pellets. Got home and took on 50# bag and loaded up my gravity feeder. When I was done and going to close the lid I saw lots of green pellets! Of course my chickens were attacking the food as I was pouring...
  11. PhlyinPheBee

    Butchering tread..?

    I know that there is a butchering thread on here somewhere and I cannot find it. Anyone know where it is?
  12. PhlyinPheBee

    Feeding 3 roo's for culling

    I have 3 roo's that will have to be culled. My flock has CRD so I cannot rehome them. I have them in a cage waiting for a little cooler weather next week. Is it ok to feed them game bird feed instead of layer??? I have some game bird food for my hens that are molting but I know that they do...
  13. PhlyinPheBee

    Just feather checked :<(

    Well I just came in from the coop from catching roo's to put them up for culling. I have to do to CDR they cannot leave here live. Bummer. My best looking of 2 BLRW is a roo. Also I did get lucky that 1 of my 4 cochin X's is a roo when I thought they all were about 5 weeks ago. I thought I...
  14. PhlyinPheBee

    Molting flock ?'s

    Is there something extra I should be giving my flock during this time of molt? There are about 4 hens so far and LOTS of feathers all over the yard!!!
  15. PhlyinPheBee

    Help please!!!!!!! Pics are up!!!!!!!!!

    I have 4 cochin mix chickens that are now 15 weeks old. Is it to early to tell if they are pullets or roo's?? They are so hard to get pics of but today after work I will let them out of the yard and see if I can get some shots. They all are black with green sheen. 2 are EE mix, 1 RIR mix and...
  16. PhlyinPheBee

    Any tips to increase egg production???

    My hens have dropped off in there production. None of them are over 2.5 years. Out of 11 laying hens my avg is 3 eggs. I just do not understand. They get all the food they want, scraps and get to get out of their yard a couple of evenings a week to free range. Any ideas??
  17. PhlyinPheBee

    Parakeets and Diamond doves???

    I have 3 diamond doves and was thinking about adding a parakeet. Any thought??
  18. PhlyinPheBee

    What color would these be??

    I am wondering if these are BRLW and GLW or splashes?? ALso do ya'll see pullets like I do????
  19. PhlyinPheBee

    BLRW.....Roo or pullet....???

    This is a BLRW that I got from someone on eggbid. I was told it was a pullet and 3 months old when I got it. I have had "her" for about 6 weeks now. Is she a she?????
  20. PhlyinPheBee

    Is he a true Araucana roo?????

    This is my flock roo. He is about 7 months old. is he a true full blood???
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