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  1. Chotii

    Eggs sold on eBay as Welsummer and Polish?

    I bought these eggs from a seller on eBay who is running a lot of auctions for "Ayam Cemani", but also other GFF strain breeds. These are claimed to be Welsummer and Tolbunt Polish. I have doubts. If people would not mind offering their experienced opinions?
  2. Chotii

    Local law permits up to 6 fenced hens, but....

    About 2 months ago, somebody dumped a small red hen in my neighborhood. She set up residence in one yard next to a busy street, perching in a bush in the front yard at night, and nobody claims ownership/responsibility for her. I, personally, am willing to catch her and put her with my girls...
  3. Chotii

    Wanted: purebred hatching eggs in Seattle area

    I've now bought 3 dozen eggs and had them shipped to me (off eBay) and at this point it looks like I MIGHT get 2 chicks.They all arrived with ruptured air cells. I think some of them even had broken yolks. I'm just sick and miserable about it, besides having sunk about $70 into eggs and...
  4. Chotii

    Hen's abdomen swollen, soft, not pooping

    I have a black sex link, about 1.5 years old. She molted in fall, came back, laid 2 eggs within the last 2 weeks, and then stopped again. Last night, I don't think she pooped at all. There was very little poop to clean up in the sand under the roost - and I have 3 hens. Today I noticed her...
  5. Chotii

    Sick chick, Marek's or a neurological problem??

    A little background: this little "mutt" chick came from eggs given me by a friend from her flock. The eggs were dirty and out of 20, only 4 hatched. 2 were healthy, 2 were weak and sick, and one of those died. The weak one that lived hatched on about Sept 10, so is now 2 weeks old. Its feet...
  6. Chotii

    Eggs extruding liquid through pores??

    My friend gives me eggs periodically, and I get about a 75% hatch rate. This last batch was quite dirty and I washed them under clear running water, no soap. This batch has some kind of problem I don't understand. I have found 4 of these eggs (so far) with little areas on the air-cell end...
  7. Chotii

    I think I killed it. :(

    I had 17 eggs that looked like they'd go all the way, out of 24. Everybody hatched but one lone big brown egg, and I swear, I saw NO movement, nothing in it for days. Also, the air pocket had not gotten larger, as will happen when they drink up the remaining fluid before hatching. The last time...
  8. Chotii

    Power outage overnight, day 2 of incubation

    Doggone it, I've probably just lost a SECOND batch of 24 eggs. We had a power outage overnight; I only set those eggs 2 days ago. I don't know how cold the incubator got. I know the power was fine when I went to bed at 1, and kid told me it was out when she woke up at 6:30 and couldn't turn on...
  9. Chotii

    Struggling to stabilize temps in a homemade 'bator

    Hi folks, I successfully hatched 20 out of 21 eggs, about 2 months ago. I put my 'bator away and didn't plan any more hatches this year, but then a lady friend gave me 24 eggs to hatch. Alas, even though the 'bator was stable as a rock for a full 24 hours at 99.5F, when I put the eggs in the...
  10. Chotii

    What will we do when incandescent bulbs are outlawed?

    According to this article: "In 2012, 100-watt incandescents can no longer be made, with 75-watt bulbs phasing out in 2013, and 60- and 40-watt bulbs disappearing in 2014." What will we do for heat lamps & incubator light...
  11. Chotii

    Three chicks hatched today at 18 days??

    I think my temps must be too warm! 3 chicks hatched today on day 18. The other 17 eggs are not pipped yet. The chicks look fine, at any rate.
  12. Chotii

    Eee! Incubator got down to 90F on day 14??

    Any chance the chicks may survive? I don't know how long it was cool - an hour, perhaps, and that was the low point, when I found it. It would have cooled slowly. It had gotten too warm, and I meant to leave the lid open briefly to bring the temperature down a half a degree. I got distracted. I...
  13. Chotii

    Water-wiggler temp not coming up since I put eggs in?

    I put 21 eggs into my homemade forced-air 'bator 7 hours ago. Since then, though the air temp in the bator has come up to 101, the temp inside the wiggler (measured with 2 different digital probe thermometers in the same wiggler) has not come up above 96F. Can anybody explain this? I know I...
  14. Chotii

    Wanted: eggs in NW Washington

    I've found hatching eggs in Washington, but only if I'm willing to drive to Eatonville or thereabouts, which means a full tank of gas to get there and back! Does anybody in the greater Seattle/Everett/Marysville/Snohomish area have hatching eggs? Purebred is best, as I am hatching for a...
  15. Chotii

    About vaccination....what if you only hatch out a dozen chicks?

    I see you can order vaccines for things like Marek's, but it only comes in LARGE quanitities, suitable for vaccinating maybe hundreds of fuzzybutts. What do you folks do to vaccinate your babies when you only hatch a few?
  16. Chotii

    How many days can a White Leghorn go on strike before you worry?

    My White Leghorn is about 11 months old now. She has been laying nearly an egg a day since she started (August?). She is not molting. She has not laid an egg for 3 days, and this is SO unlike her that I'm starting to worry. She gets layer crumble plus a little cat food daily, and is let out to...
  17. Chotii

    Look at my pretties?

    Cuckoo Maran Black Sex Link White Leghorn
  18. Chotii

    Hubby may be "let go" from his job of 20+ years...

    ...and I'm so scared. I haven't worked outside the home in over 12 years. We homeschool our 4 kids. I *can* go to work, but there are very few jobs I can get quickly that will be flexible AND provide health insurance. And we will need it...hubby has psoriatic arthritis and one kid had all kinds...
  19. Chotii

    Hen finally squatting again after illness...eggs when?

    I have a Cuckoo Maran who was laying very well before she got an eye injury, early last month...and then went broody during her convalescence. The eye is all better, I broke her of the broodiness, and she seems to be gaining back the weight she lost. Her comb, which had gone pale and shrunken...
  20. Chotii

    Sick hen has gone....broody?

    The short version of the story goes like this: Hen had a swollen eye, which I treated for 10 days with Terramycin when it didn't start clearing on its own after the first few days. The eye is now open, the nictating membrane works again, and she seems to be on the mend, although she has lost...
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