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  1. aggieterpkatie

    Please delete

    I have an approximately 8-9 week old Whiting True Green pullet that is not able to walk. She is from McMurray and was vaccinated for Marek's. She's been with about 15 other birds her age in my barn, until a week ago when I moved them to an outdoor pen with 3 adult chickens from my other...
  2. aggieterpkatie

    Young Bird, Weak Legs

    I have an approximately 8-9 week old Whiting True Green pullet that is not able to walk. She is from McMurray and was vaccinated for Marek's. She's been with about 15 other birds her age in my barn, until a week ago when I moved them to an outdoor pen with 3 adult chickens from my other...
  3. aggieterpkatie

    Detached Air Cells-Day 8-What now?

    Hi, I just candled my eggs last night and realized they have detached air cells. These are Cochin eggs, shipped to MD from SC. Eleven out of the 12 eggs are fertile and look good except for the air cell is on the sides of the eggs on ALL of the eggs. I let them sit for 8 hours before...
  4. aggieterpkatie

    Royal Palm Breeding Pair-Maryland

    8 month old Royal Palm pair of turkeys. Nice birds! Pick up only, I will not ship them. The picture posted is several months old. I can post more (better) pictures if needed. Let me know if you have any questions!
  5. aggieterpkatie

    Eating Heritage Turkeys

    So I have 5 heritage turkeys this year (Royal Palms and Buffs and Slate) and I'm going to be selling them dressed, ready for Thanksgiving. I'd like to process them this weekend. How bony are they supposed to be? I only have experience with the broad breasteds, so I want to make sure I'm not...
  6. aggieterpkatie

    Silver Fox/American Chinchilla Buck

    1.5 yr old buck for sale in Maryland. I live on the Eastern Shore (Queen Anne's Co.) and will not ship. Thanks for looking!
  7. aggieterpkatie

    Turkey With Swollen Cheeks-Please Help

    My Royal Palm tom (approx 5 mos) has swollen cheeks, just under his eyes. I vaguely remember another bird of mine (chicken or turkey, can't remember) had this happen YEARS ago, but I don't remember what I did or if it lived. Can anyone help figure out what's wrong with him? He free ranges...
  8. aggieterpkatie

    Black Poo

    I've got 8 buff (well, one slate) turkeys, about 8 weeks old. They have black poo, and it's pretty runny. Is that normal? I don't remember any of my turkeys (or chickens) having black poop. They have all seemed to be acting fine, until today. One of them didn't go in the barn last night and I...
  9. aggieterpkatie

    How to Get Rid of Mites?!

    My chickens have mites!! I collected eggs last night and they were crawling with teensy little specks, which assume are mites. How do I get rid of them? I'm planning on pressure washing the coop and all nest boxes, but what do I do to the chickens? I'd rather not lose eggs due to pesticide...
  10. aggieterpkatie

    Do you feed Purina ONE Lamb and Rice?

    We feed it to 2 of our dogs, and the puppy gets the Purina ONE puppy food. Lately (the past week or so?) our dogs have been vomiting. Last night, my senior dog had explosive diarrhea and vomiting. I thought it was from a Rimadyl I gave him on an empty stomach (I wasn't thinking) but now I'm...
  11. aggieterpkatie

    Question-Turkeys Eating Pokeberries

    We processed 4 of our turkeys on Sunday, and I noticed a few things because they've been eating poke berries. Well, I wasn't able to totally keep them contained for 12 hours prior to processing, so a couple of them had poke berries in their crops. Some of the juice leaked on on the bird while...
  12. aggieterpkatie

    Shrink Wrap Bag Crisis

    I'd like to process my turkeys by next weekend, but I cannot find any shrink wrap bags or other suitable bags for them! I only have 9 turkeys, and some of them are very large. Cornerstone Farm is out of stock right now. Does anyone have any other option? If anyone has a large supply I'd love...
  13. aggieterpkatie

    Feed Amounts

    Hi all, I have a feed question. I currently have 9 turkeys, 4 BBW and 5 BBB. They were hatched late March, so they're big now. My question is how much should I be feeding them? I can't tell if I'm underfeeding or if they're just always hungry! They don't get free choice feed, I feed twice...
  14. aggieterpkatie

    I wanted to share!

    This report is from a shelter in Maryland. From the Tri-County Animal Shelter (aka TCAS) Total number of animals brought in to the shelter between 1/1/10-7/31/10 is 6,358 Of the total 2,918 were cats. 190 cats adopted 682 cats rescued 64 cats reclaimed by their owners 872 cats euthanized for...
  15. aggieterpkatie

    Electric Netting from Premier

    Does anyone use it for their cornishX? I have totally free-ranged my birds in the past, but this time I'm raising twice as many and don't want to deal with the poop everywhere in the yard (and on the deck, etc. ) so I want to order a roll (possibly 2) of this fencing to make them a moveable...
  16. aggieterpkatie

    Up Close and Personal (Picture)

    I was sitting with the turkeys on Saturday and this guy was so curious about the camera!
  17. aggieterpkatie

    My 9 week old CornishX...

    I wanted to share some pictures of my 9 week old CX broilers (and there's a turkey in one pic). They're free ranging and doing so well! No sick or lame birds, and they run all over. They especially RUN to me when it's feeding time! They're getting processed at 10.5 weeks, because I'm...
  18. aggieterpkatie

    Sealing Shrink Bags

    A friend of mine uses hog rings to seal his bags before dipping in the water. How do others do it?
  19. aggieterpkatie

    The heat is awful!

    It's been mid to upper 90's and so humid here in MD lately. My poor birds are suffering. I lost a laying hen the other day, and I lost a cornish X yesterday. Two others were at death's door, but I put them in a bucket of cold water to cool them down. Their skin was SO hot to the touch...
  20. aggieterpkatie

    6 Week Old Poults- Unthrifty

    Hi All, I have 13 six week old poults and they've just recently been moved outside in the chicken tractor (but no chickens in there). It was getting so hot in the barn during the day and they were just miserable. Most of them are doing really well, but a few of them are looking unthrifty...
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