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  1. old geezer

    little chicks in coop question

    has been some time sice i was last here--health issue--i recently gave my portable broody coop and pen away---but my bimbo girl buttercup , { like clock works during the summer months --goes broody every 6 weeks }- she has 12 days left before hatch --question is , she is in a side coop and run...
  2. old geezer

    they tasted like [email protected]@##$$%^

    ...with 2 hens laying , 2 that a too young to lay , and 5 going throught the final stages of the moult , it finally caught up to me and i had to go out and buy eggs this morning ,....they tased like cr-p ,3 large eggs ran soo much they almost completely cover'd the botton of my 10 inch cast...
  3. old geezer

    dang-- another broody question's cold here in ny ,and buttercup has gone broody again---...4th time this yr.--- i can't soak her with the water treatment as before to stop the broodyness , what else can i do--i think it's too cold to raise chicks right now ...any other time i would be estatic as this hatch...
  4. old geezer

    feed price's

    just found out this afternoon that they will no longer supply penfield feed to their customers---going up by $3.00 a bag---well guess i will be going back to blueseal--there was nothing wrong with it in the first place..{ blueseal } , i was just told by another chicken person that penfield was...
  5. old geezer

    molt in the north east

    --questions-- this is only my second winter with chickens--last year only 1 bird went into a small molt -------but this year--looks like some one had a pillow fight in my coop and run..... i live in " cambridge ny " right off the vt. border between saratoga ny and bennington vt---isn't this...
  6. old geezer

    finally- my idiot honking roo decided to crow

    ..i just got back from small trip to local IGA store , getting out of the jeep , i could hear 2 distint cockle doodle doo's from button my roo ....---kinda sickly , but still a great doodle for me---..
  7. old geezer

    my roo is an idiot

    still no crowing from my very first roo named button----he's got the creation process of making little chicklets eggs down pretty good--------but still no crowing --at times he plays by himself running arround the pen ,into the coop , back into the run back into the coop all the while...
  8. old geezer

    best friends and the little wanna-be roo

    suzy my speckled sussex and lucy my little red sex link are best bud,s , they were my first 2 hens and are inseperatable......well , finally today my little roo , button , who hasn't even crowed yet ,starts feeling his oats and decides to get frisky with suzy....and suzy wasn't in no moode for...
  9. old geezer

    rooster frustration ,and my roo is a chicken

    i finally have 2 roo's after waiting 2 yrs and hatching a bunch of eggs---both roos are RI reds--button is a tad over 3 month's old----and josey wales is a bit over 2 month's---here's the rub--button who used to love to be picked up is now skitterish and does not like to be picked up...
  10. old geezer

    buttercup my buff.orp is a broody machine

    ....seems like evry six weeks right after she hatches some ferile eggs that i aquire from a friend ,and after she raises the chicks..........she wants to play moma again-------she already has hatched 3 broods just this past summer , and is now broody agaain........but because an early fall is...
  11. old geezer

    both happy and sad--finally got my roo--2 of them ?????

    .. ..finally got my roo--......sooooooooo happy cause button who was a fast favorite ,and a snuggle bug to boot , is defenitely a roo.....but i didn't realise the out of the same hatch , polly is really a paul.........when i went out this morning to give the their treats isat down in a lawn...
  12. old geezer

    i absolutely hate when i have to do this

    .in the next couple of days , i have to send 2 of the 4 baby chicks off to their new home at the farm down the road.......keeping ollie , the chick i saved taking out of broken shell a day early ,and oreo--who looks like a penguin all decked out in a tuxcedo........the other 2 i did not name...
  13. old geezer

    tomatoe skins ok ?????

    canning time in the northeast---..---so far the wife and i put up 48 pints of stewed tomatoes-------now , the chicks always get a tomatoe or 2 for their theats.... ,but today --i had a bunch of skins in a bowl , i cut them up smaller useing sissors and let them go at it---is too much of the...
  14. old geezer

    at what age do roo's start showing spur's etc. ????

    at what age do spurs start to show--crowing starts ,and the big boy strut begins???
  15. old geezer

    i opted to help the hatchlings

    i can't remember who posted how to handle the hatching to help me--but i want to say thanks---i mean it thanks very much--..i had to help---late last nine 1 egg was hatching , but the membrane was soooo thick--she couldn't get out of the egg---so i helped her along---i put her in a box in the...
  16. old geezer

    help may be needed quickly

    21 days is up---checked broody and 12 eggs at 9:00 this morn.---nada--- @ 10:00 i found 2 eggs with tiny chips , but membrane still intact--heard tiny peeps from 1 egg --picked the 2 chipped eggs up and listened---all quiet ---checked at 1:15 this aft. no change- , although broody was...
  17. old geezer

    so funny--i got a hen jellous

    took a break from work shop projects and started holding the newer baby chicks-------i had button in my lap , a little rir who loves to be picked up and petted ,i was telling her how pretty she was was and yada yada ,,when lucy one of my favorites come up and started stompping the ground in...
  18. old geezer

    nest box question ,and the gathering of the biddies

    ,,,ihave had a few peeps and a small pullet sleeping in the nest box------they are in with the big girls and need the security of being together,,,,,,,, , and i have read a lot of other post with the hens sleeping in the nest box------started me thinking --what is wrong with that if it makes...
  19. old geezer

    new peeps in the with the big girls

    put a second batch of peeps in with the big girls--working out nicely except they want to sleep in one of the nest box's huddled together { very cute ..} i know they gotta be afraid to get up with the big girls on the roost ......, but how do i get them to get used to roosting on bars instead of...
  20. old geezer

    i got an egg eater-- an egg eater here---when i gathered egg just a few minutes ago----i saw the broken shell an some fluild in the bottom of the nest---when i took the eggs and shell out , dottie , one of my 2 delawares ran in and grabbed the shell out of my hand---this can not be a hunger thing --as they...
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