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    Little Ducky Babies - a photo timeline

    I had the immense pleasure of raising a pair of Pekin ducklings during this quarantine summer, from the afternoon they hatched onward for 9 weeks. I took about 800 billion photos of them and eventually narrowed them down into a book I had printed for myself when they left me to live on their...
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    Sexing pekins

    So, Triscuit and Melba. 8 weeks old. Triscuit has always been bigger, grew faster, voice changed first, feathers came in first, etc. Melba has always been more noisy, more chatty, would be the first to scream for me when they were a little baby and they wanted my attention. Triscuit's voice...
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    Part flamingo

    I'm not entirely certain my ducks are ducks. At any given time I'm pretty sure I have well-disguised puppies, or small geese, and sometimes a flamingo I've checked her feet for any problems and she has no issues with them the rest of the day, but after a swim while she's drying off Melba likes...
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    Early Bumblefoot or just fat toes?

    I'll try to get some photos a little later - I tried earlier with my husband's help but he wasn't really sure what I wanted/needed so what I have isnt super clear and they're a little too skittish to keep trying over and over, I'm trying to tire them out a bit with a big swim. I have two...
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    Ducks hate NutriDrench?

    My two Pekins are 4 weeks today. They've given me a little bit of a scare this past week with some heavy panting so I read everything I could in a panic that they had aspergillosis, and came across a lot of recommendations for Nutridrench as a general overall health booster so I picked some up...
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    3 week old Pekins - breathing troubles

    I'm "fostering" a pair of ducklings this summer and may be running into some issues. There's a farm a bit north of me that raises poultry mostly for consumption (from what I gather) but runs a "fostering" gig in hatching season that lets people keep a pair of newly hatched ducklings for a few...
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