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  1. MamaRudey

    What breed are these?

    Del's had straight run assorted ducks this week. They where all Pekins except these 4. I looked on Metzer and they looked like black Swedish ducklings, but wanted a second opinion.
  2. MamaRudey

    Cayuga mixes not laying?

    My Cayuga mixes are supposedly 21 weeks, they are supposed to be cayuga x khaki campbells The lady i got them from said they started laying already which made me question their age. We have had them for over a month, they head bob and mate with my drake but nary an egg has been layed. What is...
  3. MamaRudey

    Chicks & Poults... what to feed?

    If I house them together in my brooded shed what do I feed? I was going to do game bird for the turkeys and medicated starter for the chicks then remembered they will be together. LOL DUH. So is it OK for my chicks to be on 27%? Or will I need to keep them separate so they both get what they...
  4. MamaRudey

    Concrete or just leave the dirt?

    Should I lay some concrete mix in my coop or just leave it dirt? We do the deep litter method if it matters.
  5. MamaRudey

    When can I start incubating my chicks eggs?

    I waited forever and a day to purchase 3 Heritage Wheaten Ameraucanas which are feathering into some stunning birds. My question is how long after they start laying should I wait before I incubate some of their eggs?
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