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  1. mommyof2kings85

    Help!!! I am really stressing out, chickens dying. I am such a bad chicken mommy!

    It all started when one of my cockerels started opening his mouth and streching out his next, he stoped eating and drinking. I wormed them all but he still did not make it, after that I lost 6 more birds, now I have some chicks that are in the house and they are now doing the same thing and one...
  2. mommyof2kings85

    What am I?

    I am all black but have the white skin on my neck, and a Rooster. I am about 4-5 months I think, a bantam, and dont like having my pic taken, lol.
  3. mommyof2kings85

    What am I?

    I have a muff, am a bantam, and a Rooster. I am about 4-5 months I think.
  4. mommyof2kings85

    Chicken Eye problems

    like I just got 2 EE chickens 3 days ago and My chickens jumped on them realy good. After that I seen some white bubble like stuff coming out of one of the chickens eyes. The other looks fine and I did not see anything wrong with them when I got them. I have her in the house away from the others...
  5. mommyof2kings85

    need help with color naming of my Muscovys

    Dont know what color they could be, I know the soled color is choc and I think the guy in the back is blue but what are the 4 lighter colors?
  6. mommyof2kings85

    lonly Hen, what is she so I can get her a roo?

    She lays tan/pinkish eggs, has feathers sticking out beside face, and is small. Need info on what yall think.
  7. mommyof2kings85

    What is he? I think he is a golden lace Wyandotte

    This is a roo that I took in for a friend and was wanting to get him some girls but don't know what he is, can you help?
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