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  1. mckaylaburgess

    Losing Down Feathers

    Went out to the coop this morning, and there were a ton of the shorter downy feathers all over the floor. No blood or anything to suggest a predator. Checked all the girls over, all acting normal except one has an almost bald spot on her stomach. It’s covered with her top layer of feathers now...
  2. mckaylaburgess

    Vent gleet?

    This morning I noticed one of my girls had a slightly poopy bottom. She wouldn’t let me get close enough to get a great picture, but is this just poop or vent gleet? What should I do? I was planning on giving electrolytes to everyone like I usually do every few weeks.
  3. mckaylaburgess

    Hen Gasping for Air

    Hello. I found one of my hens grasping for air this morning. I figured it was an emergency, so I took her to the vet. A few weeks ago, she had sneezed for 2 days, but had since stopped and I hadn’t heard her do it again. She was eating, trying to escape the run, acting like her normal self...
  4. mckaylaburgess


    How common is sneezing? One of my girls sneezed maybe 3 times while I was in the run today over the course of 20 minutes. She didn’t have swollen eyes or any discharge from her mouth or nose. How concerned should I be?
  5. mckaylaburgess

    Shaking Head

    I have one of my girls just go through a molt. She’s got most of her feathers back, but I think she’s still got a few patches coming in. She’s active and eats well, but today I noticed her comb was kind of pale. She’s shaking her head every couple minutes too, like she’s trying to get something...
  6. mckaylaburgess

    Watery poop

    Today in the run I noticed two sets of what looked like yellowish watery droppings. They had clearly been there for a minute because they weren’t fresh. None of my chickens are acting off, should I be concerned right now or just keep an eye out?
  7. mckaylaburgess

    Early Molting?

    I’ve had my chickens since April of this year. I didn’t think I’d have a molt this year, everything I’ve read says about 18 months. But I’ve had a chicken loosing feathers from her head and neck, and what looks like new feathers starting to replace them. No roosters, only hens. How early CAN...
  8. mckaylaburgess

    Pecked to death

    I had a chronically egg bound hen. Just this week I had to soak her in Epsom salts and isolate her, she was fine after that. One of my other hens has been particularly mean lately, and she pecked the comb of another one of my hens and gave her a bald spot right behind her comb. I cleaned the...
  9. mckaylaburgess

    Bald Spot

    So today when I was letting my hens into the run I noticed blood on one of the walls of my coop. Sure enough, I found one of my hens comb bleeding. I rinsed it with warm water, put corn starch on it to help stop, and isolated her in a dog crate for a few hours. While doing that I noticed it...
  10. mckaylaburgess


    I believe one of my girls has a prolapsed vent. What do I do?
  11. mckaylaburgess

    Watery droppings

    Hello. I treated for coccidiosis around two or three weeks ago. Today one of my girls is lethargic and just kind of standing there. When she poops, it’s pretty watery. What should I check for?
  12. mckaylaburgess

    Bloody Poop - Possible Cocci

    This morning I found blood in two droppings. I suspect cocci, so I am picking up corid after work. I also ordered new bedding to replace the bedding they currently have. How else should I clean my coop? I saw ammonia and water, is that what I should do? I’m so worried I’m going to lose my...
  13. mckaylaburgess

    Weird Sounding Hen?

    I have a 5 month old barred rock hen who, for lack of a better way to put it, sounds like she smokes a pack a day. She’s always sounded a little gravely. No lethargy, good comb and wattle color, eating and drinking well. No discharge around her eyes or nose. Is this normal?
  14. mckaylaburgess

    Barred Rocks

    I have 3 barred rock chickens, about 5 months old. I thought they were all going to be hens, but the tail feathers are looking a little suspicious. They haven’t crowed or started laying yet. Anyone with experience know if these are hens or roos?
  15. mckaylaburgess

    Green Poop

    I went in my coop this morning and on the roosting bar it looked like there was some green, slightly watery poop. It’s been hot here, 89° usually. I fed them a watermelon yesterday and they have been eating on the rinds since then. Could it just be a combination of the heat and watermelon or...
  16. mckaylaburgess

    Possible Bumblefoot?

    I’m not sure if this is bumblefoot or not. I’ve only heard about it, never seen it. She’s walking fine. I don’t see any overt scabs or anything, the black dot in the middle is just the way her skin has always been. I don’t know if this is bumblefoot or not. If it is I just want to catch it...
  17. mckaylaburgess

    Maybe a dumb question...

    So, I noticed this morning that one of my chickens has a big white patch on either side of her head. My other chickens’ are red, are these her earlobes? Is this normal? Sorry, I’m relatively new to chickens and don’t have anyone else I can ask.
  18. mckaylaburgess

    Barred Rock Comb

    I have some barred rock chickens that are about 16 weeks. Their combs look paler than what I’d expect, but they’re not acting sick or injured. I’ve attached pictures, they have plenty of shade and access to water. Is this normal?
  19. mckaylaburgess

    What breed is this? Wyandotte?

    The white chicken. And it’s a rooster correct? This is the second, possibly third rooster I have in my flock of 13. Is there a way for them to coexist? Should I just get another coop for the roosters?
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