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  1. PeakyBeaky

    Waiting List for Nittany Wyandottes

    We started our waiting list for chicks. We raise, blue-laced red, silver laced and bantam partridge. We are NPIP certified and have shipped nationally for several years. Please see our website for prices and photos of our birds.
  2. PeakyBeaky

    For Sale: BLR and SL chicks from Nittnay Wyandottes

    We had a late start due to incubator issues, but we now can offer some of our BLR and SL chicks for sale. We are NPIP certified and do ship across the USA. Shipping is Express, insured and includes the shipping box, straw mat bedding, heat pack and grow gel. Please check out our web site also...
  3. PeakyBeaky

    For Sale: Jubilee Orpington Flock(ChickenHill Line)

    Jubilee Orpington Flock for sale. We got 2 peeps as a gift from Tisha, which have grown to a small flock of 1 rooster, one hen and 5-6(almost a year old) pullets. Hen and rooster are about 2 yo, the rest were hatched last year. We raise Wyandottes and need the pen room. Open to reasonable...
  4. PeakyBeaky


    It would be a benefit, if there was a spot to update and discuss the current AI devastation occurring. I can't believe no one on this site is talking about it. If we had a tab for it, at least folks could get educated. Just a thought.
  5. PeakyBeaky

    Blue Laced Red LF Wyandotte chicks from Nittany Wyandottes

    Blue Laced Red LF Wyandotte Chicks from "Nittany Wyandottes". You will get chicks of blue/black or splash laced. These are straight run. We are NPIP certified and have been working on our birds for 4 years now. Chicks are $10 each. Shipping is $35, includes the box and heat packs. We do...
  6. PeakyBeaky

    Bantam Silver Penciled Wyandottes from Nittany Wyandottes

    Offered for sale are silver penciled bantam wyandotte chicks from Nittany Wyandottes. We have chicks from age 1-2 weeks old-with more due on 3/15. We are NPIP certified and ship in the continental USA. These are not hatchery stock. We use nipple waters for chicks from day one-and all chicks...
  7. PeakyBeaky

    Wyandotte Chicks for Sale/Preorder from Nittany Wyandottes NPIP

    We have started hatching earlier this month and will be offering several Wyandotte varieties for sale this spring. Blue Laced Red (BLR), Silver Laced (SL), Partridge-in large fowl and bantam, Blue/Black/Splash (B/B/S) and bantam Silver Penciled. If you are interested and would like on a wait...
  8. PeakyBeaky

    Tagged Pigeon found us-how to get it to it's owner?

    If the bird doesn't fly home-is there a way/site to track the information on the foot tag?
  9. PeakyBeaky

    For Sale: BLR Wyandotte cockerels from Nittany Wyandottes.

    We have several 4-6 month old BLR(blue and black) young cockerels for sale. $5 each or $25 for all(there are 5-7 of them). Buyer pays for express shipping and box. Just thinning down the grow out pens. We are NPIP. Please visit our website for pictures of the breeding stock.
  10. PeakyBeaky

    BLR Wyandotte Rooster for sale

    Selling off a Foley bred breeding rooster from our flock. He is very friendly, just have too many roosters currently. He is handled daily by our kids. We are NPIP certified. We do ship express.
  11. PeakyBeaky

    Blue Wyandotte Cockerel from Nittany Wyandottes

    For sale is a 8-9 month old Blue wyandotte cockerel. He is an extra around here, so if not sold-will be soup. He has nice type and temperment. NPIP certified. We do ship express within the continental USA.
  12. PeakyBeaky

    Nittany Wyandottes~ BLR and B/B/S Wyandotte peeps for sale

    We have BLR and B/B/S Wyandotte peeps for sale currently.All are straight run and $10 each. Shipping is Express. Please see our website for more information. Feel free to email any questions.
  13. PeakyBeaky

    Taking orders for SL and Partridge Wyandotte Hatching Eggs from "NIttany Wyandottes"

    We're able to take orders for SL and LF Partridge hatching eggs. Price is $35 for 12+ extra eggs and $15 for Priority shipping in the continental USA. Please visit our website! As with any shipped eggs, we can't be responsible for broken eggs/poor hatch rate due to handling. Will update on...
  14. PeakyBeaky

    LF Partridge Wyandotte Flock~ Foley line

    Listing our Foley line of LF Partridge Wyandottes. They were purchased as peeps-now the adults are just over 18 months old. Flock includes 3 roosters and 3 hens.Open to offers. Willing to ship. More pictures can be seen on the Nittany Wyandottes website.
  15. PeakyBeaky

    LF Partridge Wyandotte Rooster from "Nittany Wyandottes"

    Offered for sale from "Nittany Wyandottes", is a LF Partridge wyandotte rooster. He is about 8-9 months old. Picture is of his father(he looks just like him). A little cold to ship, so local pick up only.
  16. PeakyBeaky

    A Pair of LF Partridge Wyandottes 6-7 mo olds

    We have a pair of LF Partridge Wyandottes for sale. They are 6-7 months old and are not from hatchery stock. They are showing nice coloration and type.
  17. PeakyBeaky

    Auction 12+ Blue Wyandotte eggs from ~Nittany Wynadottes~

    We are please to offer eggs from our Blue LF Wyandottes. This is an auction, for 12 eggs+(we usually send 15 eggs). These birds are not hatchery stock but obtained from a top breeder. We have blue, black and one splash in our flock. Auction will end 5/12 9pm EST and they will ship priority...
  18. PeakyBeaky

    Auction ~12+ BLR Wyandotte eggs from NITTANY WYANDOTTES~

    Welcome! Up for auction are 12+ Blue Laced Red Wyandotte eggs from "Nittany Wyandottes". Our stock is Foley lines. We have shown and placed our birds locally. They have a nice dark mahogany color that is desired in the BLR. Our rooster is a true blue over blue and black hens(our one splash hen...
  19. PeakyBeaky

    Auction 31+ LF Wyandotte Variety Hatching Eggs (BLR, SL, Partridge)

    This is an Auction Formated Listing - Please do not PM to bid! - Place your bid in a reply. Bidding will start at: $24.99 (will update current bid price- in ad title- as auction goes) Additional bids will be in increasing $1.00 increments(but you may bid more than $1) Shipping will be via...
  20. PeakyBeaky

    12+ Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Hatching Eggs

    Blue laced red wyandotte hatching eggs 12+. These are not hatchery stock. We have Foley and Gretchen Bare stock. Our roosters are first generation Foley stock. BLR come in splash, black and blue colors. These are LF birds. While some roosters have a washed out gold hackle and coloration, ours...
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