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  1. pete55

    GOOSE BREEDING THREAD - for breeding, incubating, hatching and rearing.

    Hi All A new thread for members to discuss and ask questions about their breeding news. Generally a thread for all breeds of Geese and news from other members. Lots of members contributed to the Hatch Along thread but this was moved to the Incubation Section. I was concerned new members...
  2. pete55

    Considering a New Goose Incubator - ?Brinsea OvaEasy Advance.

    Hmm....... decisions, decisions!!! At the moment we're considering the purchase of a new incubator. The size of the Dewlap eggs are a problem as they can weigh over 200gms and therefore it doesn't take many to fill an incubator. We have our old faithfull still air machine which is used...
  3. pete55

    Pete's Incubation Guide available in Backyard Poultry April/May Edition.

    Hi All I was pleased to get confirmation that our Incubation Guide is to be published in full in the April/May 2012 edition of Backyard Poultry magazine. For those of you who keep referring to it as a guide its an opportunity to get your own colour copy. Pete
  4. pete55

    Guide to Humidity and Weighing in Incubation

    Hi Everyone At the moment many of the questions we answer are usually related to humidity problems. I have adapted this article and decided to post it in the 'Geese Section'. This is our Guide to Humidity, Weighing and Lockdown. I hope readers will find it useful and that it helps to increase...
  5. pete55

    Has anyone bred a White Gander to a Grey Goose? What were the results?

    Hi Im trying to determine how the Pied gene is inherited in geese. Has anyone bred a White Gander to a Grey Goose and what colour were the offspring??? Even information on crosses would be useful, for example; Embden gander x Grey Toulouse Goose. Im afraid the only example which will not...
  6. pete55

    Incubation and Hatching Guide

    Hi Everybody Well here's My GUIDE to incubation and hatching which is applicable to ALL SPECIES. However as I've had so many appreciative comments and input on previous threads I've decided to post it in this Incubating and Hatching Eggs section. I cannot stress enough how important it is to...
  7. pete55

    Fanconian Geese - has anyone experience and information?

    Hi I've just pre-ordered a pair of young Franconian geese for next year. Just saw them for the first time this week and was really taken with them. They appear to be a small breed with very neat heads and soft blue colouration, similar to a Steinbacher's colouration but appears softer. They...
  8. pete55

    How do I prepare a White Bird for a Show?

    Hi Im planning to show my Seabstopol Geese (White) for the first time. Should I wash the bird before the show and any tips on getting a brilliant white appearance for show day?? Some of the trailing feather have a yellow stain and I want to present an immaculate appearance Many thanks Pete
  9. pete55

    Buff Genetics Chart

  10. pete55

    Have you any pictures of your Buff Dewlap Toulouse?

    Hi All Looking to make contact with other owners of Buff Dewlap Toulouse. Would be very interested in details of your bloodlines and pictures if you have them Pete
  11. pete55

    A Guide to Humidity, Weighing and Lockdown.

    Hi Everyone At the moment many of the questions we answer are usually related to humidity problems. This is our new Guide to Humidity, Weighing and Lockdown. I hope readers will find it useful and that it helps to increase their sucess rates Links to our other articles and incubation...
  12. pete55

    Just finished weaning our babies!!

    Hi After 4 long months we've just finished hand rearing our babies and today was their first time in a flight cage - they've loved it Pete
  13. pete55

    An unusual simultaneous hatching!!!

    Hi All Here's an unusual picture for you that we had earlier in the year, a Dewlap Toulouse Gosling and a baby Macaw hatching at the same time The whole hatch was synchronised from internal pip, external pip and finally hatching Oh and yes they were both incubated in the same incubator! Pete
  14. pete55

    Development of Dewlap Toulouse Goslings

    Hi All I know that many of you followed our incubation and hatching threads that we posted earlier in the year. Well many of those pictures were of our Dewlap Toulouse and from this years goslings we've been steadily assessing our youngsters. Overall we're very pleased as we've also bred some...
  15. pete55

    Not Your Average Incubation and Hatching Eggs Post!!!!

    Hello Back in April this year we posted (in the Geese Section) about our Marginated Tortoise (Testudo marginata) which laid a clutch of eggs. During the summer she laid another clutch as did a young female and in total we hatched 15 babies. This is a diary which shows the development and...
  16. pete55

    Definining Blue, Lavander, Lilac And Cream In Sebastopols.

    DEFININING BLUE, LAVANDER, LILAC AND CREAM IN SEBASTOPOLS. Hi All Further to a previous paper on genetics for colour and pattern I have looked at the genetics controlling the more unusual colours of Sebastopols that are being developed in the USA. As I have said previously I may be incorrect...
  17. pete55

    Our Guide to Colour and Pattern Genetics in Geese.

    Hi All I've been doing quite a bit of work with another member - Cottage Rose and trying to 'de-code' the genetics for colours and patterns in Sebastopols. My thanks to the members of the Sebastopol Geese Lovers Forum for their support and kind permission for use of pictures. Of course the...
  18. pete55

    New Website for Dewlap Toulouse and Sebastopols!!!

    Hi All Just developing my new Website for Dewlap Toulouse and should be completed in the next few days. Hoping to list links to previous articles I've done here on BYC. Hope some of you find it interesting Pete
  19. pete55

    Buff Dewlap Toulouse

    Hi All Well we're very pleased with our Dewlap Toulouse this year and have decided to run on 5 greys from our Holderread gander. They show the most promise with large size and good dewlap and keel development at 3 months old. From our other lines we're running on 4 ganders split for Buff and...
  20. pete55

    Our Dewlap Goslings

    Hi All Well we're all finished incubating for the year and are now running on our young Dewlap Toulouse to assess their quality. We've a trio from our Holderread line that we're very pleased with. At 10 weeks old they're already very big with excellent head development like their father...
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