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  1. A.M. Eggs

    Rooster fight results in infected eye

    I do not have any pictures at this time, but my rooster has an infected eye. Recently he and another rooster got into a fight, which disrupted the hierarchy of my whole flock. At first he only had the normal cuts that were easy to treat, but today I noticed that his eye was shut and had swelled...
  2. A.M. Eggs

    Chick drinks but doesn’t eat

    I have a lot of experience with raising baby chicks, but I have never experienced a chick that drinks water just fine and doesn’t eat. The chick in question is now four days old. The first two days were pretty rough with the chick being lethargic and unresponsive until I finally got it to drink...
  3. A.M. Eggs

    I have an egg eater.

    During the last two days I noticed that some of my eggs had been broken into and not just cracked. I figured that I had an egg eater and began examining all of my chickens beaks. Low and behold I found the culprit. She is a silver leghorn. I am not sure if she is laying yet. I have placed her in...
  4. A.M. Eggs

    Possibly egg-bound?

    I have a hen that seems to always have the problems. This time I think that she may be egg-bound. I have searched the symptoms and most seem to match, except for the egg. I felt her abdomen where an egg would be but it didn’t feel off. These are her symptoms: laying down, little to no movement...
  5. A.M. Eggs

    Lice on chickens treatment

    So I was doing my normal routine with my chickens today, which includes a lot of snuggling, when I found brown bugs crawling on my young BR's back feathers! I know that they are lice and that they can be treated using Permethrin dust or possibly oregano? However, if I were to use permethrin, I...
  6. A.M. Eggs

    Hen with a short neck

    “Short neck” barred pullet (Both pictures are of my barred pullets stretching their necks out. Notice how one is way smaller than the other. I can get better pictures if needed.) Normal barred rock pullet On May 1st I got what looked to be a normal batch of chicks from Murray McMurray...
  7. A.M. Eggs

    Round Worms Treatmeant

    So my chickens have round worms.... I am going to treat them with Wazine but I don’t know what the proportion is for water. I would love to know! I also have a mixed aged flock ranging from 11 weeks to almost 2 years. Will I be able to deworm them without hurting the youngsters?
  8. A.M. Eggs

    Odd red bubble in poop from healthy chicken

    I was sitting with my chickens today like I normally do then my wonderful Barn yard mix hen Mintz came over and pooped. It looked normal until I saw something odd. In the middle of the poop there was a strange red bubble-like thing. I thought that this was rather odd so I looked it up. I found a...
  9. A.M. Eggs

    Two dead chicks with no injuries

    I am just having the worst luck with these chicks! Everything was going fine after they arrived until today. It was a normal day with my chickens until I went into the chick coop. There I find two of my chicks dead! Oddly I didn’t any symptoms the night before. I will say that I haven’t cleaned...
  10. A.M. Eggs

    Possibly Infected

    I came out this morning to find my Buff Orpington limping. I looked at her leg and I saw a cut that had a yellowish scab. I am worried that it could be an infection. How can I treat her?
  11. A.M. Eggs

    A few of my 5 week olds have been pecking each other on the head.

    So I went outside this morning hoping for everything to be normal, until I find Paris, one of my young cockerels, covered in blood. When I put them away last night, everything was fine. I don’t know what happened. I have him separated but a few of my other cockerels are also showing signs. Are...
  12. A.M. Eggs

    Found one of my chicks dangling from the heat lamp. Toe is broken badly.

    So I went to go and check on my chicks this morning only to find one of my EEs toes caught in the heat lamp and the chick hanging upside down. I managed to get her out gently but her toe is totally smashed in. Is there anything I can do to help her? I have to go to work in like 10 minutes so I...
  13. A.M. Eggs

    One of my customers put dirty eggs in their fridge...

    Hi! As you can see from the title, one of my customers put their dirty eggs in their fridge after I told them to leave them on the counter. They were left in the fridge over night. Will they have to throw the eggs away and get a new batch or should they wash the eggs immediately?
  14. A.M. Eggs

    Baby chick dies from unknown cause

    I woke up to check on my chicks this morning and I find one of my silver leghorns dead. I saw her eating and drinking yesterday and when I picked her up she felt cold. Her eyes were also closed. I thought that that was odd because I have two heat lamps and plenty of space for them to spread out...
  15. A.M. Eggs

    Broody Hen Hatched 10 out of 12 eggs! But, one maybe sick?

    Hi y'all! My broody hatched her chicks yesterday and through the night.:wee Egg-citing times in the flock! However, while I was observing the new babies, I noticed that one of the chicks was under Mom way more than the others. When Mom moved, the chick was asleep and woke confused as to where...
  16. A.M. Eggs

    Integrating Roosters Together with Minimal Fighting Possible?

    Hi there! I have a friend of mine who has been having a problem integrating her new White Cochin rooster with her Rhode Island Red rooster. The first time she tried introducing the WC the RIR attacked him and hurt him pretty bad. Now she is switching them out everyday to give them a shot with...
  17. A.M. Eggs

    Guess Who's Early?

    I had 12 eggs set under my broody hen on March 19th. The eggs were supposed to hatch on April 9th, but, to my surprise, there were little baby chicks surrounding her! Seven have hatched out so far and I saw that three were definitely pipping. I wasn't able to see the other two at all. Pictures...
  18. A.M. Eggs

    Healed or Just Having a Good Day?

    In the past 4 weeks, I have had a sick Whiting True Blue hen. She laid a lash egg which is commonly associated with Salpingitis. Today I went outside, fearing the worst as usual with a sick hen, and, to my surprise, found her outside scratching the dirt and pecking at grass! She was acting...
  19. A.M. Eggs

    Hen is tired then lays egg then is still tired?

    So I have a Buff Orpington named Blossom who was acting weird. She was kind of tired looking and she wasn’t eating the scratch. My first thought was: “oh no! Not my baby! Please don’t be sick!!!” Then I watched as she moved into the egg-laying position. Then I thought: “oh, what a relief!” But...
  20. A.M. Eggs

    Laid a lash egg, but is feeling way better?

    Hello again! This is like my third thread that I have posted about this chicken in 2 weeks :lol:. It has been different every time! On Sunday I was treated to my sick hen laying a lash egg (go to this thread for more details...
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