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  1. DuckLover179

    Pekin Duck in Southern California

    I have to find a new home for Puddles. Waddles was killed by a bobcat in November, and I've done everything I can to help Puddles cope, but she's just too lonely. In addition to that, we're moving to a different state, and it would be too much stress for her to endure the move. If anyone's...
  2. DuckLover179

    Types of fish?

    The vet said ducks this size will need a larger swimming space. Going to home depot to pick up a large pond, filter, etc. We wanted to add fish to encourage the ducks to come in and swim, but I don't want them to be eaten. I know some have had luck with koi (But they're so expensive!). Are...
  3. DuckLover179

    Brother just had jaw surgery...

    His teeth don't bite down on the back (Only his front teeth touch), and the dentist said his teeth would eventually break if they didn't break, and realign his jaw. So on Wednesday he had his surgery done. His face is very swollen, he has to breathe through tubes in his mouth. He can't eat, as...
  4. DuckLover179

    Name Change! :)

    Can I change my username? I know I can only change it once. If I can, I'd like it changed to- Warrior For Christ Thanks!
  5. DuckLover179

    Website Link Thread!

    Website Link Thread! PM me the form to add your website to the list! Websites can be about anything (Business, Organization, etc.)! Color: Website Link: Website Name: Information about website: EXAMPLE- Color: Red Website Link: Website Name: Insert Website...
  6. DuckLover179

    ~Temptation~ My New Book!

    I'm finally writing a book! Once I finish, I'll publish it- So you guys get to read it early! Sorry if I copied anyone (I didn't mean to if I did). It's a pretty short section of it, but they'll get longer. (The story isn't based off religion, nor is there much in there. If you think it's...
  7. DuckLover179

    Waddles & Puddles have bumblefoot...

    I always check on their feet to make sure there's no infection. So, today when I let them out, I was looking at Waddles feet, and she has bumblefoot! It's not terrible yet, luckily. She's going to the vet on Tuesday... UPDATE- Puddles also has it. We're treating them both.
  8. DuckLover179

    ~EmberHerd~ & ~Green Island Farms~ Horse RP's!

    EmberHerd (Co-Owned with equinehugger3!) Atarah was abused by her parents. She ran away as fast as she could, but her small foal legs couldn’t take her very far before her father could manage to beat her. She lost her hind leg. After years of abuse, she finally managed to escape. Before...
  9. DuckLover179

    Art Academy Up For Grabs

    Nix will be taking it back once she returns to BYC. I will be leaving BYC (As a few of you may know. I don't mind PM's asking me why, but I will not be posting it here). Until she returns, I will need someone to run it (Please PM me if you'd like to own it). I will continue the bunny diaper...
  10. DuckLover179

    Green Island Farms and EchoGang ~A Double RP! PLEASE READ FRONT PAGE!~

    Green Island Farms ATTENTION!!! RP THE HORSES MORE OFTEN, OR I WILL BE FORCED TO DELETE MOST OF THE FARM HANDS. THANK YOU. First off, please don't comment about how there are "Already 2 horse RP's". This was on the SeaBand thread, and it is for the breeding farms (No worries, we keep it PG!)...
  11. DuckLover179

    Have to sell Charlie! :(

    My mom is making me sell Charlie (The best bunny ever!!!). I made a craigslist ad, but no one had responded. So, I decided to come up with a way to keep him. I was gonna move him up to my room, and attach the run to his cage. Then I check my e-mail, and someone responded! Now they might buy...
  12. DuckLover179

    Green Island Farms UPDATED FRONT PAGE!!!

    I'm asking for GIF to be closed. It seems there are a bit too many RP's, of the same subject (Animals). Closing this will make more room for new RP's. Maybe some with a bit more variety! Closing this doesn't mean I'm giving it away. I'm also asking that you don't move it back to the SeaBand...
  13. DuckLover179

    ~Art Academy~ (New owner!)

    Hello! Welcome to my Art Academy! I'm DuckLover179, the Principal here. This can be one of the best schools on the forum, if you only join! Enroll or Apply Now! ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•...
  14. DuckLover179

    Draw an BYC RP character contest! (New owner!)

    I'll be taking over for NixNoodleNumbat while she is on her break. It doesn't have to be one that you own. To enter post your picture and the character's description. You may enter up to 5 pictures, but up to 3 from one catergory. The character must be from the BYC RPs. The categories are...
  15. DuckLover179

    RidgeColony ~An RP for Small Animals~

    RidgeColony, an RP for small animals. Rules *No bad language *No fighting period! If a fight starts, characters will be deleted, and people will be banned. *No flaming or trolling *All BYC rules apply *If you don’t like it, don’t post. This applies to all things (ie. Say someone posts...
  16. DuckLover179

    Lionhead and Dutch rabbits- Southern California

    2 Bunnies for sale. One is a Chocolate Dutch male (neutered), the other is a lionhead female (spayed). They don't get along well (They could with enough time, though.), and have separate cages. We hope to sell them together, though we don't mind separating them. The male comes with a cage in his...
  17. DuckLover179

    Waddles & Puddles laid on egg!

    Got the first egg today! It was smashed, so I couldn't post a pic!
  18. DuckLover179

    Please close.
  19. DuckLover179

    Post pics of your chinchillas!

    I'm getting one in a few months, But I still love to look at pics of them. Post if you have any!
  20. DuckLover179

    Rats or chinchillas?

    We (sadly) have to give my bunnies away to my friend, and we are keeping the $200 wire cage that they live in. We are thinking about getting something smaller, like rats, or chinchillas. My main goal is to get a small animal that doesn't bite, and is sort of easy to care for. So, if anyone has...
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