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  1. Nimby Chickens

    Hen losing weight rapidly

    Hi guys. I have a hatchery salmon Faverolle hen who has been dropping weight like crazy. She used to be a fatty. She does not seem to be interested in food and when I pick her up her crop is always empty. She is the only hen I have with any symptoms. I run a closed flock. She has not laid an egg...
  2. Nimby Chickens

    Update - Debary Chicken Hearing

    Previous post: I have a hearing at City Hall in 2 days to plead my case in front of the commissioners. I want all of you to pull out ANYTHING that someone might...
  3. Nimby Chickens

    Hen went blind - what happened?

    I now have another special-needs chicken. Her name is Claire, and she is almost totally blind. She is a little over a year old. She definitely had vision before, but the past couple months I noticed her running in circles in the yard, getting lost, and slowly not making it to the coop at...
  4. Nimby Chickens

    Need help in FL - Advice on City Codes and talking with Code Enforcement

    I would appreciate any help that one can give me. I moved into this house in Debary, FL in Jan 2011 after scouring the city code for laws against chickens. I found nothing. There is no HOA here. Here is a link to our city code: I got...
  5. Nimby Chickens

    Diary of a Crossbeak: Support for Special Needs Chickens and their Keepers

    I will start by saying that I wasn't sure where this thread should go, and chose this sub-forum because I wanted to make a thread for chickens with genetic issues and I felt it did not belong in Emergencies, Diseases, Injuries, and Cures since it was none of those things. Any sort of special...
  6. Nimby Chickens

    What happened to my little roo?

    I found my cochin bantam roo, Fancy Pants, dead in the coop yesterday. I had noticed nothing wrong with him except a slight gasp when he breathed yesterday. He was acting normally otherwise and I figured he just inhaled a crumble. I checked him thoroughly and I found lice or mites (not sure...
  7. Nimby Chickens

    Fleas in my yard... GOING CRAZY!

    I am pulling my hair out here! Darn fleas are making my inside animals crazy - I bathe them all the time and use flea control but they are resistant and just awful. I put Sevin dust inside my vacuum (bagless) to kill any fleas I vacuum up and I vacuum all the time. I have hard floors, very few...
  8. Nimby Chickens

    Ducks and Chickens together?

    Is it possible to keep indian runner ducklings with chicks? I have the option of getting 2 month-old duckies for free but I need to know a couple things. 1. Will they get along okay - they are roughly the same size. What is the minimum amount of ducklings I can get? 2. Can the ducklings use the...
  9. Nimby Chickens

    Sick EE Hen - twisted neck, swollen eye, green poo, crop not emptying.

    My poor Figment has a twisted neck! At first I thought it was wry neck - gave her lots of polyvisol without iron and no change. I checked her crop and it's not emptying so I don't think she's getting the nutrients. Crop doesn't feel hard, feels normal if maybe a little squishy. Her breath smells...
  10. Nimby Chickens

    The "Reason for the Season"

    I'm an atheist, firstly. Secondly, I do not want to start some kind of religious debate or to upset anyone who is religious. There is a huge movement to 'keep Christ in Christmas' and a lot of religious people are very convinced that Jesus is the one and only inspiration for it, and that is...
  11. Nimby Chickens

    Speckled Sussex losing weight.

    I spend enough time with my girls to notice weight differences when I pick them up and cuddle them, and I have noticed a weight drop in my speckled sussex, I.Q. Shes not emaciated but I feel a difference. I have not observed worms in her poo or seen mites and she is the only one with this...
  12. Nimby Chickens

    Wyandotte not laying at 28 weeks?

    Is this normal? I have some EE's (2 of them) hatched the same day that I don't expect to lay eggs for a little while, but shouldn't the wyandotte lay by now? I'm going to put lights in the coop within the next few days for sure.
  13. Nimby Chickens

    NPIP Certification for stealth chickens?

    I keep chickens in a normal neighborhood on the sly, with no roosters. I was thinking about entering Lemondrop, my beautiful mille fleur d'uccle pullet, into the upcoming Central Florida show. They require NPIP certification in order to enter. I have heard that NPIP certs in FL are free, which...
  14. Nimby Chickens

    Duramycin Dosages

    I have a sick chicken, and while trying to medicate with powdered duramycin, I found a lot of misinformation about dosages. I just wanted to give correct dosages for this particular medication and also remind people: OUNCES ARE NOT THE SAME AS FLUID OUNCES! The bag I got said to medicate with...
  15. Nimby Chickens

    Mods, can you please change my username? :)

    I recently named my little chicken hobby business and am considering turning it into a LLC and would like to be known by the name here. Could you change my name to Nimby Chickens please? It's a little play on words since I specialize in stealth urban chicken-keeping.
  16. Nimby Chickens

    Chick can't walk!

    I have a 2-day old Australorp chick who can't walk. One of her hips seems to be dislocated, but she has not hurt herself - she came out of the egg all crumpled up and her wing has a bit of a 'dent'. So I tried the bandaid method, but she ended up just flopping everywhere and getting into weird...
  17. Nimby Chickens

    Help me name my small chicken business!

    I need help with names! I want something catchy and easy to remember that could encompass selling live chickens (mostly as pets) and eating eggs. Pertinent info: My name is Lana I do not have a farm, just a small backyard flock and garden. I generally specialize in egg-layers and pets I will...
  18. Nimby Chickens

    Belgian Barbu d'Everberg

    Have these made their way to the US yet? I can't seem to find any breeders and this is the only page I found on them: Aren't they awesome? What great-lookin little dudes! I love them! Anyone raise them at all?
  19. Nimby Chickens

    Strangest and Silliest Chicken Names?

    So I have a chicken who has gone a very long time without a name. She's an olive egger, very talkative, and none of the names I use for her ever stuck. She was Bard, then Olive, then she had a time where she was Olivia, then she was Pullet Noir, then Chook Norris. But, none of them were right...
  20. Nimby Chickens

    Uggo B!**Chick with deformed skull - NOW WITH PICS!**

    I was at the feed store and could not resist picking up 2 little hatchery kids - a RIR and a black Sexlink. While picking them out, I noticed one sexlink had the most horrible case of crossbeak I had ever seen. I picked her up and noticed she was thin compared to the other two. I looked at her...
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