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  1. taprock

    Squab update

    I had two squab hatch in November. At the beginning of December they were moved in with parents when they weren’t staying warm. They have finally gone back out now that there has been a couple warm days. No more -25* thankfully! So we have some good and bad results. The smaller squab is...
  2. taprock

    Squab with bad leg

    I had mentioned that the smaller of the 2 one month old squabs was walking all over. What I didn’t notice until yesterday was the larger wasn’t walking because of a leg problem. It possibly wasn’t as pronounced until now. It appears to be a splayed leg although his fibula/tibiotarsus feels...
  3. taprock

    Winter hatch

    A pair of our homers have been successful with this hatch. We had one chick out this afternoon. Now we have a big storm coming in tomorrow. Northern Michigan, below freezing. Do I need to worry about the parents keeping them warm? How do I tell if there is a problem, before it's too late? I...
  4. taprock

    What to do...eggs

    Today was the first day my pair both left the loft and nest to exercise at the same time. I went to candle eggs and found one cracked. The other looks like it quit at about a week, it should be further along as they were to hatch this coming Tuesday. So what do I do? Pull eggs, destroy the...
  5. taprock

    Unexpected nest

    This is our first year with homers. My son joined a racing pigeon 4-h group and got his birds in June. Originally we didn't want to breed them but have since changed our mind. We thought we still had a few months to set up nests but were surprised by an egg. We put in a temporary nest of a...
  6. taprock

    The right predator?

    At our place predators are fair game during the day but at night once the birds are locked up I don't worry. We have had the live trap set recently because something has been tearing into things. In the past months we have caught a skunk, opposum and raccoon. Three nights ago something turned...
  7. taprock

    Button quail mistaken identity

    The story begins back last winter. We had a pair of buttons. Our female died. We waited to get another female thinking he (Sprout) was older and might not survive the loss of a mate, although this is he second with us. So about a month later we bought a female for him. They took a long time...
  8. taprock

    Too much chasing?

    I've had guineas five years so I've seen a bit. Right now I have a flock of twelve all but one just a year old. I have a male and female that have started their chasing. They are on day three of constant, for most of the day, chasing. If she gets tired enough that he catches her they fight...
  9. taprock

    Call duck sexing

    We have two call ducks hatched last May 1st. We never had any eggs last year, both are very loud and no tail curls so we assumed two girls. Last week we saw one mounting the other and thought we must have a boy. The next day we started getting an egg a day from the girl. However the past two...
  10. taprock

    Infected cheek

    This is Venus my two year old Black Orppington. She was acting normal, the only thing that alerted me to her injury is her puffy cheeks. I initially thought it was sinuses and respiratory but it is definitely an injury. She has holes on either side of her beak where the upper and lower meet...
  11. taprock

    Hen with no feathers, not molting

    This is Martin, she is a year and a half old. She is Sizzle x Showgirl. Both her mother and Uncle? had feather issues. They ended up partly naked because the feathers broke off. My guess was bad breeding, Frizzle x Frizzle. Both of them are no longer around. I decided not to hatch any of...
  12. taprock

    Swollen foot with ?boil?

    My Malay rooster is a year old. He is in a cement floored coop with pine shavings. Three weeks ago he began limping with no injury site. A week later his foot appeared swollen and I checked him over again but no bumble foot or injury site. I thought he may have injured it jumping of the high...
  13. taprock

    Calls hatching, when to assist

    I have call ducks hatching. They are at day 26. I had two pip last night about 6:30. I have read many of the posts on the difficulty they have hatching. When do you assist and is there any specifics for them, I have assisted with chickens but ths is our first time with ducks.
  14. taprock

    Help for an incubator that smells musty

    Last spring I used my incubator, Genesis Hova Bator, it wasn't put completely away. About six months ago I found that it was in the basement not in its box. It appeared to have mildew on the liner. I took everything apart, washed down, bleached the liner, thoroughly dried and put away. Now I...
  15. taprock

    Puzzled by my hen

    Gunther is a polish, silkie cross about a year old. She is in a small coop with pine shavings and five other bantams. This afternoon her comb looked pale and she looked fluffed up. I also found two spots of dark almost bloody looking poop. I checked her vent and found some bloody poo there...
  16. taprock

    Blackhead cases in MI

    I am new to turkeys, our first poults will be arriving in April. The big issue at this point is where they will be housed. I have been trying to find local information on whether we have blackhead in our area or not. That will determine how far they are housed from the chickens, and whether...
  17. taprock

    Looking for hedgehog advice

    We are considering a hedgehog for my son and would like to hear from some owners on the good and bad before we make any decisions.
  18. taprock

    How to catch a pheasant?

    I have 7 juvenile pheasants. I have them in what I consider a temporary pen until they are sexed to go into permanent pens. One I am sure is a male is a great escapee. After the first time and we caught him I started on new predator secure pens and started looking for a game bird net to help...
  19. taprock

    chicken activity pages for kids

    I am a youth librarian and in the process of starting a program using chickens to help struggling readers. Think "Paws for reading" only using chickens instead of dogs. I am looking for good activity and coloring pages for kids to introduce them to chickens. If you have seen any I am looking...
  20. taprock

    Advice on pheasant behavior and pens.

    I hatched out pheasants without really knowing much. Blame it on my son and a local breeder with inexpensive eggs. I have golden and what he called mutant, I'm guessing melanastic. ?? I have looked at pheasant pens and have a temporary one but do not like it and have had two escapes. I have a...
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