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  1. pete55

    Gander age

    The youngest I've had is 9 months but more prolific breeds like the Chinese could be earlier.
  2. pete55

    hatching problems

    You need to read the incubation guide but until pipping your incubator should have low humidity. I would also candle but look inthe sticky topics and its further down in this section.
  3. pete55

    GOOSE BREEDING THREAD - for breeding, incubating, hatching and rearing.

    Great to catch up on news about everyones breeding season and babies :D
  4. pete55

    GOOSE BREEDING THREAD - for breeding, incubating, hatching and rearing.

    Oooooh - that'll have us all guessing. A SECRET!!!!
  5. pete55

    GOOSE BREEDING THREAD - for breeding, incubating, hatching and rearing.

    Thanks Shellie We like that that gosling too and very chunky. It seems the use of our Dewlux Grey line has influenced the quality of the goslings this year and many are showing early promise. Some goslings are showing good body depth at 8 days old which is getting better as they get older...
  6. pete55

    GOOSE BREEDING THREAD - for breeding, incubating, hatching and rearing.

    HI All Still hatching here in the UK but we did get off to a very late start. I've just put the last 7 Dewlap eggs in the incubator as 2 of our pairs both laid a second clutch of eggs. As they're from our pairs producing Buffs I didn't want to waste them. If they're fertile we'll be...
  7. pete55

    GOOSE BREEDING THREAD - for breeding, incubating, hatching and rearing.

    Hi All A new thread for members to discuss and ask questions about their breeding news. Generally a thread for all breeds of Geese and news from other members. Lots of members contributed to the Hatch Along thread but this was moved to the Incubation Section. I was concerned new members...
  8. pete55

    Let's have a gosling hatchalong!

    It does seem a great shame it cannot be moved back as under this section less members will see and contribute to it. I think avoid 'Hatch-Along' in the title or it'll end up here again. I'm going to start a thread as GOOSE BREEDING THREAD - for breeding, incubating, hatching and rearing...
  9. pete55

    Buff Dewlap Toulouse Thread

    Sorry for the delay but here's some pictures of the different groups. We keep having to rub our eyes when we go out and see them all. Its been a very late year for us in the UK and at one point looked like we were going to have to wait another year. Our results have come quite late and just...
  10. pete55

    Buff Dewlap Toulouse Thread

    Thanks Shellie - it certainly been a long time coming but well worth the wait
  11. pete55

    Buff Dewlap Toulouse Thread

    Very pleased this year with our first Buff Dewlaps, we seem to have waited for years then had a great hatch. Some our showing exceptional development and promise. We've hatched from 2 lines producing Buffs and one line appears to be producing exceptional youngsters. From just about 2 weeks...
  12. pete55

    Baby goose with leg problem.. Help

    I would take it to the Vet as this sounds like either a dislocation or fracture.
  13. pete55

    Let's have a gosling hatchalong!

    Good luck with that next Buff Dewlap baby - Im sure there's got to be at least 1 more to go Is this thread to remain in the Hatch Along Section? Think it was much better when in the appropriate Goose Section - maybe we should start up another thread back there and call it something else????
  14. pete55

    Let's have a gosling hatchalong!

    Oh and pity the thread was moved. I wonder why that was necessary? Will make it difficult to find as a resource for newcomer :(
  15. pete55

    Let's have a gosling hatchalong!

    Iain - Hurrah a Buff at long last. Very very pleased you've finally hatched one. A well deserved result. :celebrate:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  16. pete55

    My new Grey Giant Dewlap Toulouse

    OH LUCKY YOU. I wish I had them sitting in my brooder
  17. pete55

    Inbreeding problems in geese

    I'm afraid I also don't know what Consanvinization means and suggest it s a spelling error. Nothing in the dictionary (English UK) or on the internet. Line breeding is well practiced to define a type within breeding and indeed we have used this in establishing our line of Buff Dewlaps...
  18. pete55

    Sebastopol geese, how in the world do you sex them when feathered out?

    I think we're pretty experienced and got quite a few of our Dewlaps wrong last year despite detailed observation!!! Also we're not very good at vent sexing, I think we're so nervous of causing trauma to the vent and subsequent problems later! We have to resort to spending about $20 per bird...
  19. pete55

    Goose Incubation & Hatching Guide - Completed!!!!

    You're very welcome and pleased it was useful. Hopefully Rob and I will get down to updating our theories that we have modified this year for even better results with the more difficult to hatch eggs. We're just so darn busy at the moment with the children as they're still only 7 and 3 plus...
  20. pete55

    Gosling - Mushy Head?

    Just follow the advice in Iains post above. Usually this is due to excess moisture where the 'egg' has not lost the required amount during incubation. Keep warm but now lower the humidity if the gosling has emerged from the shell. Being breech position this may have also contributed to...
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