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  1. jaj121159

    Review by '' on item 'Norwegian Jaerhon'

    I love my Jaerhons. I purchased a pair at a local auction in March 2012 said to be from Sandhills' stock. I paid around $20 each. I then ordered a bunch from Ideal. They looked pretty similar to the adult birds I had. They are pretty good layers, but seem to change egg numbers based on weather...
  2. jaj121159

    Review by '' on item 'Dorking'

    I have about 24 silver gray dorkings. I got most them the summer of 2014 from McMurry hatchery. I get the rest last summer from Dick Horstman, and ended up with four large hens, four bantam hens and two bantam roosters. The bantams are great, but the roosters crow all the time. Ever tried to...
  3. jaj121159

    Review by '' on item 'Delaware'

    I love my Delawares so much I'm going to make them my primary laying breed this spring. I'm going to have a total of 40 +/-. They have been laying extra large eggs and have been decent winter layers.
  4. jaj121159

    Review by '' on item 'Welsummer'

    Nice birds. Eggs started out dark and have now lightened, but the birds are going on 3 years old.
  5. jaj121159

    Review by '' on item 'Rhode Island Red'

    I've enjoyed having RIR's, but my flock is going on two to three years old and I'm going to sell them this spring at our local auction. I'm not to going to get any more RIRs because I'm focusing on rare and endangered breeds.
  6. jaj121159

    Review by '' on item 'Ameraucana'

    Great chickens. No real color difference in eggs, but I'm color blind so maybe there is some color I'm not seeing.
  7. jaj121159

    Review by '' on item 'Iowa Blue'

    I love my Iowa Blues. The roosters are friendly, but cautious around humans. They get six or so pounds and have white hackles and saddles on a mostly black body. The hens are smaller three to four pounds. Mine have gone broody several times, but have not pulled off a successful hatch. They...
  8. Iowa Blue

    Iowa Blue

    The Iowa Blue is an American breed that was developed in the early 1900's near Decorah, Iowa by John Logsdon. The original stock came in a unique form of the silver penciled pattern that made the hens appear to be a blue-grey color from a distance, hence the name. It was available through the...
  9. jaj121159

    Review by '' on item 'Russian Orloff'

    Love my Orloffs. I have had several go broody without any hatches. I have bought birds from Ideal and Welp hatcheries with good luck.
  10. jaj121159

    Comment by 'jaj121159' in item 'Hatcheries, Day Old Chicks'

    I have ordered chicks from Ideal and have been happy with the birds. jspitzer221 I did have an order of 10 Delaware pullets last year and ended up with 9 pullets and Joe the Rooster. However, they guarantee 90% sexing accuracy, and in this case, they were right at 90%.
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