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  1. BarnGoddess01

    New threads

    As much as I love the new BYC, I miss having a short list of recent threads with new posts. Since the new format, I find I'm only visiting the threads I'm subscribed to and not checking out anything new because I don't know where to look, so to speak. I would LOVE to see a short list of active...
  2. BarnGoddess01

    Peter Brown, The Chicken Doctor

    I see from The Chicken Whisperer on Facebook that Dr. Peter Brown (First State Veterinary Supply) had a massive heart attack this morning. Apparently, he is lucky to be alive. We are VERY lucky to have such a generous poultry resource among us. Please keep Dr. Brown and his family in your prayers.
  3. BarnGoddess01

    Poultry Seminar with APA/ABA Judge Troy Laroche

    I was lucky enough to attend a seminar with breeder and judge, Troy Laroche on the weekend. Topics included: Interpretation of the Standard for the breeding pen and the show room and Breeding Methods and practices to meet goals in your birds. Troy brings extensive breeding, competitive, and...
  4. BarnGoddess01

    Automatically reposting pictures in quoted posts

    As someone who LOVES posting pictures - I can't believe I'm saying this but, it would be nice if there was an option to return to links when quoting posts loaded with pictures. The text truly gets lost in the maze of images.
  5. BarnGoddess01


    It went below zero here last night. Coldest night by far of the year and of this young (9 months, Black Copper Marans) cockerel's life. The boys are in a metal coop so it's damp cold as well. Is this comb frost-bitten or did I get to it in time? I've had a heat lamp on him all day. None of the...
  6. BarnGoddess01

    ♥ I'm LOVIN' the new BYC!!! ♥

    -I LOVE how the subscriptions appear now -I LOVE how much control I have now over what I see and what I post -I LOVE how easy it is to post pictures and how FAST! -I LOVE that there is a clear advantage for GFMs and PPMs now -I LOVE the unlimited PMs I didn't realize there was so much to BYC...
  7. BarnGoddess01

    Making changes to the information posted on Breeds

    Just wondering how one submits/suggests changes to breed descriptions. The Marans description, for example, is out dated as the Black Coppers and Wheatens have been accepted to the SOP.
  8. BarnGoddess01

    BYC merch

    Now that BYC has been completely done over - including the logo - when can we expect new merchandise to be available at the BYC store???
  9. BarnGoddess01

    Brinsea Octagon 20 - humidity pump

    I just got a new Brinsea Octagon 20 with a humidity pump and I'm having trouble getting the humidity to stabilize at 45%. It seems to be running at 34% with the base trays empty and over 60% if I add water. Vent is currently at half open with no water in the the base but I can't seem to get the...
  10. BarnGoddess01

    Crossing bantams with large fowl

    This is probably a really stupid question but when crossing a bantam with LF, do the offspring come out either bantam or LF or can they split the difference, so to speak? I know with horses they get their height gene either from the dad or the mom. They don't split the difference. I assume it...
  11. BarnGoddess01

    Crossroads: For sale/Wanted

    Lots of folks seem to be looking for a central location on BYC to arrange sales at Crossroads so I'll start: I'm looking for Cuckoo Marans (preferrably silver) hatching eggs. DARK! Feel free to PM if you have something or know somebody!!
  12. BarnGoddess01

    Looking for some hatching eggs - San Gabriel, CA area

    I have a friend with a broody hen at a preschool in San Gabriel. They are hoping to get a half dozen or so hatching eggs. Anything will do. Can anybody help us out?
  13. BarnGoddess01

    Crop impaction? Poisoning?

    Barred Rock Hen, 2 years old, free-ranger. Water and commercial layer ration available 24/7. Moulted in April. Hasn’t laid an egg since although she does get in the nest box daily and even sings egg songs. Otherwise, appears healthy. No wheezing, no discharges, eyes clear and bright, comb and...
  14. BarnGoddess01

    Chicks drowning in the egg

    I'm not exactly sure how to compose the question I'm trying to ask but can someone explain what has actually happened when a chick "drowns in the egg"? I guess what I'm trying to figure out is, how do they drown in there?
  15. BarnGoddess01

    Treating bumblefoot with tricide-neo

    I have a hen with a chronic case of bumblefoot. I've carved it out a few times but never felt satisfied that I got it all and clearly, I haven't because I believe it's flaring up again. (It's actually in the knuckle of a deformed toe rather than in the pad of her foot which perhaps makes it...
  16. BarnGoddess01

    9 day old chick appears to be staggering

    As of today (day 9) one of my BCM chicks appears to be staggering a bit, like it's having trouble with balance. No sign of injury or illness. Eyes clear. No discharge. It is eating, drinking, pooping, and keeping up with the other chicks. It can walk just fine. Legs are properly under it. It...
  17. BarnGoddess01

    Deformed toes

    I have an Easter Egger hen with deformed toes. She was fine at birth. I first noticed them "curling" at one month of age. They were severely curled at 2 months. She is now a year old and I've hatched two of her eggs. I'm wondering if she's likely to pass this on. Is there something congenital...
  18. BarnGoddess01

    Hawks and crows

    One of my hens was attacked by a hawk on Christmas Eve. My two roosters were useless. I did manage to save my hen from the hawk but no thanks to them. I've been nervous about free-ranging my birds ever since. I've been reading that a lot of folks say crows help so I was delighted to see a pair...
  19. BarnGoddess01

    Bad luck hatching sex link eggs

    I had 36 eggs in the incubator; 7 out of 8 BCMs hatched, 7 out of 8 Ameraucanas hatched (shipped), 8 out of 11 EEs hatched, but only 2 out of 9 sex links hatched; one from a red sex link and one from a black sex link. I opened the unhatched eggs and there were fully formed chicks inside all but...
  20. BarnGoddess01

    Egg bound - how to break the egg

    I've been working all day with an egg bound hen with no success - and my heart is breaking. The egg is hard shelled, intact, and at her vent. I can see it. We tried a warm bath, massage, heating pad, Prep H, and lubed fingers but I can't get the egg out nor can she. She's exhausted. Won't eat...
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