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  1. taprock

    Merry Christmas From Our Flock To Yours

    This is my first year with Silkies and Showgirls. They have been a joy to have around. When I was thinking of what to do for a Christmas card I thought of my Silkie, Snowball. I want to use her as a therapy bird so she has gone everywhere with me this year. She has gone to camp to soccer...
  2. taprock

    How To Give Chicken Baths

    Three years ago when I started on this great chicken adventure there was much I didn’t know. I have learned a great deal in a short time mostly thanks to BYC and other members who have answered my many questions. One of the interesting things I read about was giving chickens baths. My only...
  3. taprock

    Chickens A Bit Of Humor

    Chicken keeping is serious business. I think most of us, unless you are new to the chicken world, have experienced that serious side. It can be the loss of a favorite bird, an injury that you can’t treat, dealing with predators or the redundant morning and evening trip to the coop through...
  4. taprock

    Comment by 'taprock' in article 'Chickadoodles Bed Breakfast'

    Love your Polish. Your Polish/silkie's look a lot like our Polisheggers. Your GL is beautiful, where did you get her? We have 4 SL that we can tell apart, Larry, Moe, Curley and Little Bear! It's great you included the quail - we have some of those also.
  5. taprock

    Taprocks Member Page

    Hi fellow chicken lovers, I'm Tanya. My family and I live in the Northern Lower Pennisula of Michigan. We are about as far north as you can go and not be in the Staits of Mackinaw. It is nice to be way up north but sometimes a bit cut off from everything. We live on 22 acres with a neurotic...
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