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  1. MallardMomx2


    We ordered 10 Pekin ducklings from Metzer Farms and just received them this morning, after a long 5 day journey in the mail from California to Ohio. They all appeared to be fine but 3/10 quickly (within the first hour) developed wry neck. One has already passed and 2 are looking to be headed in...
  2. MallardMomx2

    Mallards vs the cold

    Hi everyone! This will be my mallard ducks second winter. I live in Ohio and the weather gets pretty nasty, this week it’ll get down to 8 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s only the beginning of November. Last winter, I used a heat lamp, but I had to deal with the bulb bursting three different times...
  3. MallardMomx2

    Shoes for ducks?

    Has anyone used duck shoes to prevent frost bite in the winter? If so, how’d it work? I know they are typically used when curing Bumblefoot and such, but I have a pair of mallards who demand to stay out in the winter and do not want to deal with frostbite.
  4. MallardMomx2

    When will my duck lay eggs again?

    My 1 year old mallard hatched a clutch of eggs on March 6th. We got rid of her babies on April 25th. It is now May 25th and she still has not started laying eggs again. Is this normal? It has been 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit here. Any idea when she will begin laying again?
  5. MallardMomx2

    Follow my Hatch: Silver Mallards

    Hi everyone! I have 9 silver mallard eggs incubator bound..i’d love you to follow along with me! I know I’ll need the help along the way!:) Okay so, I bought my eggs from eBay and had them shipped from Minnesota to Ohio. They were all packaged well and survived the ride. I let them sit 24...
  6. MallardMomx2

    Silver Mallards?

    Hi everyone! Does anybody have Silver Mallards? I’d love to see some pictures! I have 9 eggs being shipped to me and being placed in the incubator this week!:D I’ve only found a few pictures of silver mallards. Do they also go by another name?
  7. MallardMomx2

    Quacking Issues. Help?

    I have a 7 week old mallard drake who has been attacked by his dad and had a majority of his feathers plucked out. He is separated and on the mend now, but that’s not the issue I’m posting about. He’s obviously a very nervous duck due to the trauma he’s gone through, and doesn’t like when you...
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    *Graphic Pictures* Long story short, My baby mallard ducklings (now 6 weeks old)...who I very recently found out were all drakes..are being picked on by their dad. I’m obviously already trying to rehome them. Today I go out the coop and dad duck plucked out all of one of his poor babies...
  9. MallardMomx2

    Taking away Mama Duck’s Babies ):

    Hi everyone, I have 2 10 month old mallards, Mallory (female) and Quackers (drake.) On March 6th, Mallory hatched her first clutch of eggs and ended up with four surviving, healthy, beautiful babies! These babies are now 6 weeks old and I am 99% that ALL FOUR of them are drakes:hit So of corse...
  10. MallardMomx2

    Best duck breeds??

    Hello everyone! I am looking for some mates for my handsome mallard drake, Quackers. For the past 10 months it’s just been him and his lady, Mallory. (Also a mallard.) He’s in need of some more ladies. What’s everyone’s favorite (small) breed of duck? Best layers? Friendliest? Is it best to...
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    Hi everyone. This is something I’ve always dreaded having to deal with. Is this bumble foot? It seems as 4/6 of my ducks just got this on their feet. Is it Bumblefoot? What do I do to treat this? Please help! TYIA!!
  12. MallardMomx2


    Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce to my BYC friends that my 10 month old mallard, Mallory, hatched her first two ducklings tonight!! Welcome Pip and Pongo! They are absolutely precious and mom and dad are both proud parents! 2 eggs hatched, 4 more to go. Fingers crossed!:D:fl Thank you to...
  13. MallardMomx2

    Mallards or Rouens?

    I have been under the impression that my 2 ducks are mallards since the day I got them (May 2018.) I got them from Rural King and they were announced as mallards. I never even looked up the difference between Rouen and mallard as I always assumed they were mallards. They are small, light, and...
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    Hello! Mallard mom here!

    Hello everyone! I got a pair (1 drake and 1 female) of mallards back in May of 2018 and have been having the GREATEST time raising them! Their names are Mallory and Quackers..original right? Being a “new” duck mom I am constantly coming up with new questions and checking BYC! I figured it was...
  15. MallardMomx2

    Are my duck eggs alive? Help!

    Hello! I have a pair of 10 month old mallards. My female has been laying on a clutch of eggs for a few weeks now (not sure exactly how long but thinking about 3 weeks) and I am unsure if they are still alive. She had been doing a great job staying on them and keeping them warm, but we have had...
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