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  1. Dragonfly Ranch

    Question on keeping Honey bees and Mason bees

    I have been trying to find an answer to our question on the Internet but no luck so hoping someone here might know. We have two honey bee hives and we want to also encourage Mason bees on our property since we have a fruit orchard. But the question we have is: Will the Mason bees compete too...
  2. Dragonfly Ranch

    Make your own Brown Sugar

    Hey there everyone - just reading my latest "Fine Cooking" magazine - I LOVE it and came across the following about making your own brown sugar in a pinch and thought I'd share. If you are like me and live out in the sticks it often doesn't makes sense to "run to the store" when you are out of...
  3. Dragonfly Ranch

    What kind of dehydrator should I get?

    We have a dehydrator that was my Grandmother's. Only one speed and things take forever to dry. So was thinking about investing in a new one and thought I'd get your opinions. Sandee
  4. Dragonfly Ranch

    Will chickens over eat?

    We have a flock of 23 hens and they are eating their food so fast we have to feed twice a day and we use a really big feeder. My questions is will they just eat and eat if we add a second feeder or will the quit when they are full. The last thing I want is fat lazy chickens or worst health...
  5. Dragonfly Ranch

    Crushed Peanuts - Are They OK to feed?

    I looked at the "Treats" Chart and don't see anything about peanuts or nuts. I have some peanuts that I need to rotate out of my baking pantry and wanted to feed them to the chickens if won't hurt them. They are not bad just not as fresh I would like for baking. Sandee
  6. Dragonfly Ranch

    How do you keep mosquitoes from biting you?

    Now I know already that we are wimps out here in California when it comes to mosquitoes, so that it why I'm asking the question - How do you keep those buggers off of you? I can not stay outside pass 6:30pm without at least 6+ bites every 5 minutes. They of course do not get anywhere near my...
  7. Dragonfly Ranch

    Getting soft shelled eggs

    This is weird - Our 9 hens are 1 year 3 months old. All a sudden we're getting a few eggs with really soft shells and layers of light brown to brown with some white wash coloring. I thought we had an egg eater since we have found about 5 eggs now mashed and some of the egg gone. That was...
  8. Dragonfly Ranch

    Cornish Rocks - Gasping for Air and Dieing

    We purchased our Cornish Rocks on February 22, 2010. Everyone has been doing fine until this weekend when we noticed one bird sick and now another. Here is the information that we have What type of bird, age, weight Cornish Rock - 3 weeks - slightly feathered and same size as other 23 birds...
  9. Dragonfly Ranch

    Daylight Saving Time - Pro and Cons

    The last few weeks was happy to wake up and there was daylight - now back to waking up in the dark. Yes, I agree that now I have more time to pull weeds, etc when I get home from working all day, but wish they'd leave well enough alone. Anyone else have an opinion on the pro and cons of the...
  10. Dragonfly Ranch

    Hen just died suddenly - not sure why

    Yesterday my husband was working around the chicken run and everyone seemed fine. He went to the store and when he came back our 1 year old Silver Lace was dead. We could fine no visible marks on her and the only thing we noticed was that it looked like part of her insides were coming out her...
  11. Dragonfly Ranch

    Anyone using shredded paper for new chicks?

    We are expecting 51 new one day old chicks from McMurray on 2-22-10. Some are laying hens - 24 and other 27 Cornish Rocks for meat. Anyone ever use shredded paper - clean white office paper type? Thinking that would be a lot cheaper than shavings. My immeidate concern is, would they want to...
  12. Dragonfly Ranch

    Kitchen Aide Mixer attachments?

    Who else loves using their Kitchen Aide attachments? Have been trying to introduce more chicken into our diet instead of red meat. So last night got out the mixer put the meat grinder attachment and within 5 minutes had 6 boneless/skinless chicken thighs all grounded up for "Chicken chili". I...
  13. Dragonfly Ranch

    Just ordered 24 New Chicks!!!

    Just wanted to share that we just ordered 12 each of Red Stars and Black Stars to add to our flock They will arrive on 2-22-10 bringing our total to 36 chickens! We already have people wanting the eggs!! We never thought chickens would such a joy to have. So husband is busy building a new...
  14. Dragonfly Ranch

    Please, I need help with peyote stitch project

    Not to bore everyone with the project now - but wanted to see if there are any other beaders out there willing to help me with a project. If so, then I'll give details and go from there. Thanks in advance Sandee
  15. Dragonfly Ranch

    The Eagles are back at Turtle Bay - **Live Cam Video**

    Thought I'd shared the link in case anyone out there is interesting in seeing a live cam video to the Eagles that nest at Turtle Bay here in Redding, CA. I think this will be their 4th nest. Last year they raised 3 babies! and we were able to watch all the way to when they took their first...
  16. Dragonfly Ranch

    What to do about extremely muddy run

    This is our 1st winter with chickens and the outside run is extremely muddy since it is a slight downhill slope and water is running off straight through the run. We have covered the top of the run but its not helping much. Any suggestions on what we can use to help cover the mud it's a real...
  17. Dragonfly Ranch

    Any Bee Keepers out there?

    Each year we try and add another farm project. This year we decided on bees. Husband got bee hives and set-up yesterday (Christmas present). We have 6# of bees/queens on reserve for April and will be doing two hives. So just wondering if there is any other bee keepers out there to ofter your...
  18. Dragonfly Ranch

    Hen will not sleep on roost

    About two weeks ago one of my 8 month old hens decided to start sleeping in a nesting box. She is not brooding. Each night I put her on the roost and she stay there but can't get her to go there on her own. I tried blocking the nest she gets into and she just moved to the next. I don't want...
  19. Dragonfly Ranch

    What are you baking now?

    It's that time of year when a lot of us start baking for the holidays. So thought we should start a similar thread to "What are you canning?" to share recipes and what not. I'm currently test driving Biscotti recipes to get one that is just right for Christmas giving. I made the first last...
  20. Dragonfly Ranch

    *MORE* pictures of our dream kitchen

    A couple of BYCers have asked to see pictures of our kitchen - so here they are. Hope you enjoy the tour. Sandee and Mark UPDATED: 10/24/09 with pictures of the pantry
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