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  1. Daniel_2kaii9

    My Incubatorhatcher

    me and my father made a incubator out of a plastic tub so i had to buy another plastic tub for a hatcher and this is how i made it :) things you'll need. Plastic Tub With Lid (50 ltr) £4:88 Hygrometer £3:99 Thermometer £3:99 Light Bulb (im useing a 100watt light bulb) come in a pack of 5 for...
  2. Daniel 2kaii9s Chicken Coop

    Daniel 2kaii9s Chicken Coop

    Hey, my names daniel. i have 3 ducks , 7 chickens , a few zebra finches , 4 chinese painted quail , 10 hamsters , loads of tropical fish , 1 dog and 1 cat :) I LOVE ANIMALS :) heres a few pics this is my broody/grow out/brooder/injury coop its 5ft long 3ft 6 inches high and 2ft wide this...
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