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  1. Sparky2133

    PPBA Show in Stockton, California

    Jan. 25-27th 2013. Stockton Fair Grounds Is anyone else going? What are you bringing?
  2. Sparky2133


    There's a PPBA show in Stockton on the 26-27th of January. I made arrangements to pick up two Nankin chicks during the show and I'm wondering how I can manage this? I know I'm going to need a brooder; what design? We're going to be staying in a hotel; will that be enough? This is my first...
  3. Sparky2133

    Question on Show

    So I was planning on entering the PPBA show in Stockton. I want to enter my three modern games and I don't know how to class them. Can anybody help?
  4. Sparky2133

    Heritage Breeds

    My mom is always saying "when we move to the country, I want to raise a Heritage Breed." And I am always going What?! Can someone define what a Heritage breed 'is', exactly, and what breeds are included in the term?
  5. Sparky2133

    Sneezing Chicken

    Hey guys! I have a question. I have a pullet I got yesterday and she sneezes occasionally. I was wondering if she is sick or am I overreacting? Thanks :)
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